Video Vocab. Lesson: 7+ IELTS Slang and Idioms for Transportation

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Today, learn native speaker slang and idioms to impress the examiner when speaking about the common IELTS topic of transportation.7+ ielts slang idioms vocabulary transportation

To score highly for Vocabulary on the IELTS Speaking exam, you must show the examiner a range of vocabulary, which means informal phrases in Parts 1 and 2, and more formal vocab. in Part 3.

This means that you cannot just use easy words. In contrast, you also cannot only use high-level words.

You need a range.

To prepare for this, watch the video and write down impressive slang words and idiomatic phrases that your average “band score 6” candidate will not use on the exam.

Be a 7+!



  • Hop on my bike– get on my bike
  • Cruise– ride leisurely, on a bike or in a car/bus/train
  • Hitch a ride– get a ride from somebody else
  • Gas guzzler– a vehicle that uses a lot of gas
  • Full of loonies– having a lot of crazy people
  • Pop in by earbuds– put on headphones
  • Zone out– stare at nothing, eyes glazed, not thinking about anything

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Practice using these phrases when answering these IELTS Speaking questions:

How do people get to work/school in your city?

How do you get around your city?

Is public transport safe where you’re from?

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What do you think of today’s vocabulary lesson?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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  • 1) I hop on my bike and get to work throughout the week .
    2) I’d rather cruise in a ship than in a train .
    3) Sometimes I hitch a ride when my car breaks down on the highway .
    4) This jeep is a real gas guzzler . I can’t afford it .
    5) This noisy bus is full of loonies . I can’t stand it .
    6) I pop in my earbuds because I need to concentrate on my English lesson .
    7) I zone out sometimes and lose focus in my class .

    • ANNA

      Hello there. I wondering if you can give me some suggestions about how to develop part two and I always stuck there in the test so I stuck in 6.5. Besides, my fluency is unsatisfactory particulary since I noticed and intend to do something in part two. When I remember some sample answers I do worse in the test compared with not prepare.