Video: 8+ Vocabulary to Describe a Work of Art

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Today you’ll learn 9 phrases containing 8+ vocabulary to describe a work of art.

8 vocabulary describe work artThere is always a chance that you’ll be asked to talk about art, in Speaking Parts 1, 2 or 3.

This topic also comes up in Writing Task 2, and may be the subject of a Listening section or Reading passage.

Whether you’re into art or not, you have to prepare for anything you might face on exam day.





Here’s an activity to include in your IELTS study plan:

1. Choose a museum

This could be in the city you are currently living in, or in a city you hope to inhabit in future.

2. Go to its website

Choose one or two pieces that catch your eye, for any reason.

3. Research

Look up the title for the artwork, perhaps on Wikipedia. Read about it, and add some of the specific vocabulary to your vocabulary notebook.

8+ Vocabulary to Describe a Work of Art:


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Marble bust– A depiction of a person from the stomach up, made of the stone material called marble.

Elegant– graceful; refined

Restrained– simple; straightforward without a lot of detail or decoration

Classical sensibility– in a style of Greek, Roman, or Renaissance art

Oil on canvas– oil paint on a cloth material

Mural– very large picture, indoors or outdoors, often covering an entire wall (i.e. Picasso’s Guernica)

Utilizes a palette of grays and blacks– all the colors consist of grays and blacks

Moving– making you feel something

Prominent in the composition– the main features of the artwork

Now it’s your turn!

Choose 3-4 of these phrases to describe your own favorite artwork.

How would you use these phrases?

Share your examples sentences in the comments section below!

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  • 1) I was (so) surprised by how clean streets were in Japan .
    2) I was (extremely) impressed by Japanese cuisine .
    3) I couldn’t believe how polite the Japanese were ! / I couldn’t believe that the Japanese were so polite .
    4) I blew my mind how comfortable I felt everywhere.
    5) I could never have imagined how organized everything could actually be !

  • Shuo Feng

    I was so surprised how nicely the ramen noodles were presented in the show window at ramen restaurants in Tokyo. They looked so delicious that I couldn’t help but go into the restaurants even though I had been full. I went to Tokyo during the winter break for the school and I felt almost the same as Michelle.

    Also, since I am a new listener, I wonder how we can send Lindsay questions about English phrases so that the question might be answered on the podcast? Is there an email address or there is a QA section on the website? Thanks:)

  • Akiko Kitahara

    Hi, Michelle, Lindsay!
    I’m very glad that Michelle enjoyed a lot in Japan. I loved your story trip to Japan very much. You made me so happy. I listened to this episode while I was running. I was smiling all the time while listening to it. People might think that I’m a weird person! I’m living in Meguro and my house is close to Naka Meguro, Daikanyama and Shibuya. I experience opposite things about food in western countries. The volume of each meals is huge for us. I’m amazed how you thought about a lot of people in Harajuku. I hate it and I try to avoid being there, but when I heard your impressions, I’ve started to think that this wave of people might not be as bad as we think. Yes, as Lindsay said, you should visit Japan when cherry blossoms bloom in spring!. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story with us! Akiko

  • Yuri Cho

    Hi, Lindsay and Michelle.
    I am Yuri Cho from Japan. I am always thankful for every new episode.

    I just enjoyed listening episode 692 which was about the trip to Japan. I was impressed by how a traveler felt about Japan.

    WOW, I AM JEALOUS OF YOU! 🙂 Because we Japanese could never have imagined how convenient to live in Japan unless we go out of the country.

    Even if I travel around Tokyo, I couldn’t enjoy the city as you did. (Like trains, stores, people, songs, and so on) It’s woven into our everyday life, so.

    BTW what was the name of the song which you were into in Harajuku? I am curious about it!

  • Akiko Kitahara

    Michelle, I forgot to write about Osaka. If you stayed at a hotel near Osaka station or Umeda, that place is so complicated and it is easy to get lost. I also find it difficult to go to the place where I want to go near Osaka station!

  • What a work of art! No more IELTS blues in your head. 3 KEYS power! It’s priceless, indeed. Best of all !