Video: 8+ IELTS Vocabulary for Hopes and Dreams

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Today you’ll learn 8+ IELTS vocabulary about hopes and dreams to use on your next exam.

8 ielts vocabulary hopes dreams
This is a likely function you will have to express on the IELTS Speaking Exam, and you could also use these words in your Task 2 essays.

Today’s vocabulary is all high-scoring, formal, and academic, except for the one idiom provided.

Watch the video and take notes:

Remember, to stand out from other students on exam day, you must use unique, interesting vocabulary that other candidates are not presenting.



Vocabulary to Discuss Hopes and Dreams

  • Future hope/goal: ambition, aspiration
  • Goal: objective, intent, (idiom) not just a pipe dream


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  • Ideal: utopia, quintessential, exemplary, supreme

Practice using the new words yourself in your answers to these IELTS questions:

Part 1

What will you do when you complete your studies?

Part 2

Describe your ideal life 10 years from now.

How would you use today’s vocabulary?

Leave us your example sentences in the comments section below!

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  • 1) My future hope/goal/objective/intent/ambition/aspiration is that public education will be online everywhere and it’s a positive thing .
    2) It is not just a pipedream to see myself becoming a world-class English learner. I’d love to practice English by taking a trip around the globe and writing everything I experience .
    3) My ideal/utopia/quintessential/exemplary/supreme/perfect future is having a flying car that goes wherever I want it to go anytime by pushing a button and picking me up. I don’t need to rely on crowded public transport anymore.