IELTS Energy 222: The ONLY Strategy for the Toughest Part 2 IELTS Speaking Question

IELTS Speaking Part 2 answersWhen it comes to IELTS Speaking Part 2 you need to have something to talk about.

It’s not easy to fill the two minutes.

You need to go out and have experiences to be able to come up with topics.

Today we’ll talk about how to describe objects in Speaking Part 2.

This is the hardest Part 2 question. This question is coming up more and more often on the exam.

We’ll give you an easy framework today so that you can get the highest possible score in this part of the test.


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The formula for object Speaking Part 2 questions:

1- Describe what it looks like

2- Describe how you use it and why you use it

3- Include a story that is connected to a person experience with the object


Question: Describe an expensive thing you want to own

Answer: Please listen to the audio to get Lindsay’s answer.

Let’s look at the strategies of Lindsay’s answer.

Vocabulary: The vocabulary was good because it was very specific

  • Zippy little hatchback
  • No frills
  • No add-ons

*These were easy to use because she described the car first.

Grammar: She used very high level and natural grammar constructions. You should write these down!

  • At some point I want to get this…
  • The reason I am thinking about this is….


Question: Describe something you bought but you never used

Answer: Please listen to the episode to get Jessica’s sample answer.


  • If my eyes fall on….
  • Infommercial
  • Smoothies

Another strategy: She also did a great job with specific details in describing how the object is used.


Now go and practice your answers to Speaking Part 2.

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  • Describe your most favorite object in IELTS Speaking Part 2 :
    1- It looks like a mobile phone with an antenna so that you can watch TV and listen to the radio .
    2- I use it when I pull out the antenna to find TV channels or radio stations while relaxing .
    3- I take it with me wherever and whenever I go . Never leave home without it ! On the last weekend I was deafened by the noises of the traffic jam . I almost lost myself downtown without knowing anything around me . There was an amazing show on TV I loved so much that I would die for it .

  • 1) At some point I want to talk about it is because it is so essential to use the Internet .
    2) The reason I am thinking about this is 3 Keys has all the needs for all the test takers .
    3) If my eyes fall on the most advanced technology , I would choose Apple Watch for my life use .
    4) There are so many infommercial aids to attract all ages to buy their products .
    5) These smoothies are really delicious . They open my appetite all of the time .
    6) This newest model car has no frills and no add-ons but I love its zippy little hatchback .

    • Great summary Mollie thanks