Video: The Easiest Strategy to Stand Out in IELTS Speaking Part 1

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Today you’ll learn the strategy to stand out from other students, for higher scores, in IELTS Speaking Part 1.

strategy stand out ielts speaking part 1

Your goal on the IELTS Speaking Exam is to make the examiner notice you.

You want to not sound like every other band-score 6 IELTS candidate.

The strategy for Speaking Part 1 is simple- talk about the first personal, specific example that comes to mind!

Most students provide only superficial, general answers. So, the way to be interesting and unique is to be specific.



This leads to higher scores for:


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For example:

Did you eat a lot of candy when you were a child?

Most band 6 students: Yes, of course. All kids like candy. I loved it.

You: [paraphrased from video] Of course I loved candy! All kids do. My favorite was… I don’t remember the exact name, but it was a package of 3 differently-flavored sour sugars. It came with a hard, white sugar stick that you licked, dipped in the sugar, and ate. I’m sure it’s full of chemicals, but I adored it.

What colors would you not use to paint the walls in your home?

Most band 6 students: Black. That’s depressing.

You: [paraphrased from video] I stay away from dark colors. They make the room look smaller and suck up the light. My room, for example, has one wall that is eggshell white, a matte color. There’s also one wall that is light blue. I like having an accent wall, featuring a color that makes me feel positive.

What do you think of today’s advice?

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  • 1) I am chill today . I have nothing to do .
    2) Look at him . He is so breezy .
    3) Wow , she seems laid back right now .
    4) You look relaxed .
    5) They are happy-go- lucky .
    6) Be nonchalant .
    7) My teacher is quite easygoing .
    8) It is nice to be carefree . No need to worry .
    9) I don’t have a care in the world . Let it be .
    10) ( It’s ) no biggie / ( It’s ) no big deal . Don’t apologize .

  • Alishka

    B: hey Anna, let’s work on this project.
    A: come on, leave me alone today. I just wanna relax and enjoy my day.
    B: But the deadline is on Friday.
    A: let’s just chill out today, we still have 2 days to complete it.
    B: I can’t be laid back knowing that we still have so much work to do.
    A: cut me some slack, please. You are too much drama, don’t you know happy-go-lucky?
    B: oh Anna Anna, I wish I was so carefree like you, but I can’t.
    A: You can, just be breezy :D. You thinking too much; just chill and forget about it for today.
    B. Yeah, maybe you right. Let’s just have no care in the world ….

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