IELTS Energy 227: A Powerful Part 2 Strategy for Speaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2 strategyToday get our awesome strategy for IELTS Speaking Part 2 questions about events and experiences.

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We think that Part 2 Speaking questions about experiences or events is the easiest question type because you need to tell a story.

It should be easy to tell a story and it will push your pronunciation higher because the story is close to your heart.


The strategy:

  • Be direct- say what the experience was
  • Say why you went there and why you did it
  • Get into the story of the event. Use these linking words: First, in the beginning, after that, next, in the following moments, etc


Listen to the model answers on the recording of Lindsay’s and Jessica’s experiences.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

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  • IELTS SPEAKING PART 2 Q : Describe the most unforgettable event or experience you’ve had
    A : 1- My first trip abroad to the US alone in the spring of 1983 for a master degree at 24 .
    2- I wanted to start an English teaching career in Taiwan with more training . I met a lot of prospective ESL teachers from many different countries in TESOL courses . I had a strong desire to teach this universal language – English in my home city , Taipei .
    3- First , we learned several courses together and became connected easily on the weekends . After that , we had close friendship and parties with pizzas and drinks every holiday where in the dormitory or outside . Finally , we departed with tears after graduation . …