IELTS Energy 208: Two Magnificent Models from IELTS Speaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2Today you’ll get two great examples of solid answers from IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Lindsay and Jessica will answer these questions using a winning template for success on this part of the test.

On Speaking part two you might get questions about:

  • people
  • events and experiences
  • objects

If you get a question in Speaking Part 2 and you are asked to describe a person you need to first directly answer it.

  • Describe what they look like
  • Describe their personality
  • Tell a story about your relationship

*Do not veer in the wrong direction by talking about something that is related to your friend but not about your friend.

*Listen to the episode to see sample answers from Lindsay and Jessica using this framework.

In the sample answers Jessica used these great vocabulary words:

  • She is wiry
  • She is buff


Jessica also used great linking words such as :

“When I think of Abby the most immediate thing that comes to mind is….”

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Let us know your challenges in Speaking Part 2.

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    Q : Describe a house or an apartment you have lived in and which you liked
    A : When I think of the most favorite place that comes to mind is my old family’s residential house . I started living there since I was born . In my opinion , it is my ” sweet home ” . It’s where my parents settled down . It looked small from outside but well-furnished in the inside . There was a backyard and few trees as well . It’s located in the downtown area of Taipel . It’s close enough to shopping center and food markets . However , It’s a little noisy and unsafe . It’s really convenient for going to and fro for school . I used to meander down to the nearby park with my two sisters . I had many beautiful childhood memories that are totally close to my heart . It is our home !

  • 1) Would you like to …… ? (formal)
    2) Do you want to ………. ? (casual)
    3) How about some ……. ? (casual)
    4) (Is) Anyone up for … on … ? (casual)
    5) Let’s … on … . What do you say / think ? (casual)
    6) What do you think about … ? (casual)

  • Rui Huang

    Hi Lindsay and Michelle, thanks for this great podcast. It really improved by English.
    I wonder know what is a appropriate way to see no to the invitations?