Video: Sample IELTS Speaking Part 3 Answers Urban Areas

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In today’s video, you’ll learn from native Speaking Part 3 model answers about urban areas.

sample ielts speaking part 3 answers urban

In response to a subscriber request, I’m demonstrating today how you can effectively and efficiently answer potentially difficult questions about city/town infrastructure.

Remember, in your IELTS Speaking Part 3 answers, try to follow this organizational strategy:

Listen to my answers and take notes on how I introduce my opinion and conclusion, as well as any interesting vocabulary that you can also use in your own answers.




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Questions I answered today:

  • Is your city planned well?
  • Are there adequate facilities for all ages?

Further questions for your own practice:

  • How could your city’s infrastructure be improved?
  • How might urban planning develop in the future?

Practice these questions using our strategy for organization, and try to incorporate some high-level vocabulary!

What do you think of today’s example answer?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Taipei city , located in the north of Taiwan , is the capital . There’s no limit for development .
    A clever and discreet planning out of a small plot of land . Taiwanese rack their brains to ride a wave of infrastructure and facilities . For examples , citizens can enjoy a wide variety of educational and recreational activities such as libraries , parks , theaters , art galleries , museums , zoos , gyms , audio-visual centers , dancing , sports , games , .. etc.
    In a nutshell , the progress is seen as a victory of talent , knowledge and skill .

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