IELTS Energy 175: Prevent Panic on the IELTS Listening Exam

IELTS Listening ExamToday we’ll show you how to stop feeling freaked out and panicked on the IELTS Listening exam and instead how to calm down and get the score you need.

To reduce your stress you can practice by using the audio script.

They are at the back of every practice test book.

A lot of students have no idea how to use them and most teachers don’t use them enough either.


What to do:

  • Practice understanding: Before you do a practice test just get used to understanding what they are saying in the audio. Listen and follow along on the tape script. Don’t even try to answer the questions. This will help you start with a clear head.


  • Get used to IELTS tricks: IELTS uses the same trips, quirks, and distractors on every test. They use the “negative turnaround” by someone changing their mind in the audio. By using the tape script you will start to pick up on these tricks and you’ll learn how to not let them lower your score. In this case you can do the practice test first but then listen again, look at the script, and compare your answers. Look at what you got right and wrong. Highlight patterns and expose the tricks!


  • Throw away your practice tests and watch a movie: You need to practice being calm. You need to strengthen your listening skill before you can approach test practice. Get your confidence back by listening to podcasts and doing other things. Build the general fluency and use balanced practice first then take your practice tests out again.


Are you stressed out about the IELTS Exam?

What is most stressful for you?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Practice Using the Audio Script to Ace the IELTS Listening Test :
    1) Listen and read along with the tape script to understand what they say without answering the questions

    2) Highlight IELTS patterns and learn the tricks / quirks / distractors / negative turnaround ( but , no , not )

    3) Do the practice test by listening again and following the script . Then check your answers and study your mistakes .

  • biplob das

    i feel difficult on multiple parts .even i cant catch about which question of this part is being told by audio tapes .any trick

  • Skander

    Hi Lindsay Hi Michelle, thank you very much. You’re doing a real kick ass job!

  • Claudio Moraes

    I just had a great adventure last night … dreaming, where professional killers were trying to murder me. I was trying everything to hide. It’s funny because the dream wasnt actually frightening… when I woke up I was very excited remembering some flashes of my dream… and it felt really cool. That’s was the cool side of this scary-in-a-fun-way-dream.