IELTS Energy 187: How to Use the Passive to Pass the IELTS

IELTS grammar passive writing and speakingToday find out where and how you can strategically insert the passive voice to increase your score on IELTS speaking or IELTS writing.

When do we use the passive voice?

Academic writing

In academia we use it to make blanket statements such as “It is considered by many to be the most treasured artifact.”

These phrases are useful for IELTS Speaking Part 3 and Writing Task 2.



We use the passive when we are focused on the recipient of the action and it doesn’t matter who did it.

For example, “The thief was arrested last week.”

Is there a grammar construction that you can connect this to in your own language?

If there is it will help you understand this better.

You need to get to know this form on a deeper level where you can produce it.

You need to learn it when it’s connected to context.


When we describe processes:

In Writing Task 1 you usually have to describe graphs but sometimes you get a nature  diagram or a manufacturing process.

In this case you have to use passive voice.

For example, you might have to say “The pencil is made in Des Moines and it is shipped to California.”


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  • AlUribe2020

    Girls, I think this same comments should be mentioned about others grammar structures, like “would have” , “could have” or “might have”.
    A word for Jessica: Keep watching telenovelas. They´re good !! 😉

  • Use Passive Voice in IELTS Speaking & Writing :
    1) to make blanket statements – It is considered by many to be the most treasured music album in the century .
    2) to focus on the recipient of the action – The drunk driver was arrested yesterday .
    3) to describe processes – The car is made in Detroit and it is shipped to New York .