The Most Motivating Science Resources for the Toughest IELTS Topics

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Today you’ll get 7 motivating science resources to prepare you for the toughest listening, reading, writing and speaking topics.

motivating science resources toughest ielts topics

Science is an enormous field, from astronomy, to biology, to technology.

IELTS claims that candidates do not need to possess any specialist knowledge to get high scores on the exam.

However, there is some scientific information that comes up which may challenge most students.

This is most likely to occur in Reading Passage 3, Listening Section 4, Speaking Part 3, and Writing Task 2.

Be prepared!





Listening Resources


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Scientific Reading Resources

  • National Geographic– Magazine and website, about science and culture
  • Wired– Magazine and website, about technology

Famous Scientists You Need to Know

Google these amazing, contemporary scientists. Watch interviews with them and read their articles.

  • Bill Nye
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson

After you read, watch, and listen, talk to yourself in the mirror about what you learned, and what your opinions are about the information. This is IELTS practice, and you will be more likely to remember these new ideas.

Also, add new scientific words to your vocabulary notebook!

What do you think of today’s resources?

Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

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  • 1) looking for agreement on a fact : Ya know , 2016 was the worst year in the century .
    2) looking for agreement on a feeling : Ya know , AEE is genuinely awesome !
    3) opening a statement before sharing your opinion : Ya know , I don’t think people should be judged by the social status , but by the character .
    4) as a filler when thinking : Ya know , you can make an impact from your computer .
    5) as an opening when sharing your point : Ya know , don’t spoil your mind ; nurture your soul .
    6) as a way of being indirect when you’re unsure : Ya know , I have two left feet . I can’t really dance smoothly .
    7) filling in the empty space of silence during conversation : Ya know , I love you with all of me ! My affair was just a big mistake .

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