IELTS Test Dates for 2016

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IELTS Test Dates 2016Are you getting ready to take IELTS?

If so, it’s a great idea to know upcoming IELTS test dates.

Knowing your test date will help you create your IELTS study plan so you’ll know when to start learning strategies and when to start practicing under test conditions.

The best way to get your 7 or higher fast is to prepare well.

You want to focus on strategies that are directly linked to the scoring system.

Be careful when you choose an IELTS course or an IELTS tutor.

You need to ask the right questions to see if the tutor really understands the test as well as they should.

Read on to get the information you need regarding test dates but remember that reserving your test date is only step 1. Come back to this blog and podcast for more tips and strategies.

IELTS is usually offered three Saturdays a month and sometimes on one Thursday.

However, not every IELTS test center observes every test date, and may only offer the exam once or twice a month.

Please go to to research your local test center.

Also, you should know if you are taking the Academic (A) or General (G) exams, as Academic is offered more than General.

Please see the list below to find out what test dates are offered for the rest of this year (2015) as well as for all of 2016.

(A)= Academic

(G)= General


November 2015

19 Thursday A

21 Saturday AG


December 2015

3 Thursday A

5 Saturday AG

12 Saturday AG

19 Saturday A


January 2016

9 Saturday AG

14 Thursday A

23 Saturday AG

30 Saturday A


February 2016

13 Saturday A

18 Thursday AG

20 Saturday AG

27 Saturday A


March 2016

5 Saturday AG

12 Saturday A

19 Saturday AG

31 Thursday A


April 2016

2 Saturday AG

16 Saturday A

21 Thursday A

30 Saturday AG


May 2016

7 Saturday A

19 Thursday AG

21 Saturday AG

28 Saturday A


June 2016

4 Saturday AG

16 Thursday A

18 Saturday A

25 Saturday AG


July 2016

9 Saturday A

14 Thursday A

16 Saturday AG

30 Saturday AG


August 2016

4 Thursday AG

13 Saturday A

20 Saturday AG

27 Saturday A


September 2016

3 Saturday A

10 Saturday AG

15 Thursday A

24 Saturday AG


October 2016

8 Saturday AG

13 Thursday A

22 Saturday A

29 Saturday AG


November 2016

3 Thursday AG

5 Saturday A

19 Saturday AG

26 Saturday A


December 2016

3 Saturday AG

10 Saturday AG

15 Thursday A

17 Saturday A


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