IELTS Energy 213: How Nadya Moved from 6 to 7.5 with 3 Keys IELTS

nadyabellasophia_peaToday find out how Nadya moved from a 6 to a 7.5 band score on her IELTS with 3 Keys IELTS Success System.

Nadya joined 3 Keys IELTS because she was inspired by our other success stories like Pedro and Renata.

Nadya came into the course with an overall score of 6.

After she took our course she got the following scores:

Listening: 7.5

Speaking: 8

Writing: 6

Reading: 8


Overall: 7.5


How did she do it?



In the course she got the reading tip that she should not try to understand every single thing in the reading passages.

You don’t need to understand every word.

It’s all about timing.

You must have the strategies and practice them.

This is what Nadya did.

She also moved on to easier questions and just took a guess on the ones that she didn’t understand.


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On the Speaking test she learned that she had to be prepared for any kind of topic.

She prepared every possible answer for every part of the test.

She gained confidence from the practice time that she put into it.

On test day she had to talk about the games that she played when she was a kid.

She made up some stories and it worked.

In our course she used the Anti-anxiety Module to learn how to remain confident and centered.



She prepared by using the outside listening resources that she got in our study plan and this helped her to get the extra practice she needed for her listening score.

She found some great video series on You Tube and used that resource to get used to the natural English accents.

Check out Fun for Louie on You Tube.



Do you feel inspired by Nadya’s story?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Good job , Nadya ! 3 KEYS empowered you to achieve what you never thought was possible ! It is what you do with your gift of God that determines who you are . You are a creative genius and there is no denial . Onward , AEE & IELTS ENERGY ! BRAVO , TEACHER JESSICA !!!


  • Dat Tien Duong

    I really immersed myself in this episode. It’s much appreciated. By the way. I wanna ask you guys, is this possible and polite to talk to a stranger or passerby… like: “Hey” when I realize them and call them or what else I can say.

  • imah

    someday I have a big suitcases and it’s very heave to deal with it , so someone help and I really went out of your way to do this I said to him .

  • Febri Tri Intan Azhana

    Hey, can I get Nadya contacts?