Video- Speaking Strategy: Going to Extremes to Increase Scores

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On your next IELTS Speaking Exam, try the strategy of going to extremes to increase your scores.

ielts speaking strategy extremes increase scores

By ‘going to extremes’, we are talking about exaggeration, or talking in extreme ways about something.

Adding sentences and vocabulary like this can raise your Fluency/Coherence score, your Vocabulary score, and your Pronunciation score.

There are 3 ways you can exaggerate. Today I’ll show you examples of each way connected to specific IELTS Speaking questions you just might hear on your next exam.



IELTS Speaking Part 1: Do you enjoy taking photographs?

Exaggerate with vocabulary!

Use adjectives meaning ‘awesome’ to describe photos you’ve taken, such as awe-inspiring, breathtaking, magnificent and majestic.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe the last novel you read.


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Exaggerate with superlatives!

You can use the most or adjective-est, but also phrases such as by far and ever.

I read In the Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss, and it is the most stunning fantasy novel, by far, ever written.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Why do some people not like reading?

Exaggerate with absolutes!

Absolutes are very strong descriptions that are on the extreme end of the vocabulary scale.

In this answer, for example, I say that reading is indispensable and that it is life-blood.

I will never understand that, actually. Reading is an indispensable part of my life. Stories have been, and always will be, my life-blood.

Write your own example sentences using the phrases for exaggeration.

Then, practice using them in your own answers to the IELTS Speaking questions from today.

How can you exaggerate?

Leave us your own example sentence in the comments section below!

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  • Pan

    Hey girls,
    First of all, could you explain to your listeners why you are so scared to death with the fact that the American nation has elected Trump? Is Hillary who claimed not to hesitate starting the Third World War better? Are you happy that businesses are moving away from the States to the developing world leaving American workers unemployed in their own country? Etc., etc… In fact, the American middle-class showed a long finger to the elites saying they don’t want to live as they did before.

    • Sergio

      I don’t know, but “leaving American workers unemployed in their own country” could have a rhetorical argument underneath. Citizens from all nations don’t want to face jobs or tasks that only poor immigrants are used to but they insist in this argument. I watched a short movie that shows a French young full of hate against an Arabian man that works as a clerk in a small 24h store. When the Arabian asked the young if he will fill that position if the man goes away, he didn’t know how to answer.

  • 1) A: So, did you watch the election result ? B: Yeah , I did. It was incredibly shocking .
    2) A: Were you surprised by the election result ? B: Pretty much .
    3) A: What are your thoughts on the election result ? B: I’m open to Trump’s win but remain suspicious about the bitter outcome .

  • Haline

    Good to hear you guys talking about the elections. I went to my English Conversation Club last week full of questions and looked like nobody wanted to talk about it. The teacher gave us two minutes to express ourselves but nobody said anything. I felt bad for insisted on the topic (since American people don’t like to talk about it), and frustrated.

  • Jara Zbrna

    More about who elected Trump/Clinton can be found e.g. on CNN exit polls.
    As for your voting system, I still feel that it’s pretty fair even though Hillary got more popular votes. More populated countries cannot overvote those with less population so easily. And how can you know that with a different system the popular vote would be the same? Let’s say CA and NY was absolutely for Hillary so what’s the point to lose time to fight here for Trump? He had to focus on key states. If there’s another voting system, the approach of the candidates would be different too. For sure. I would simply say that Democrats were there for two periods and time for a change just came. For many reasons. It’s a one view from one tiny country in Europe.
    Have a great time and go on with your perfect podcast! 🙂

  • 1) Taking photographs is an awe-inspiring/a breathtaking/magnificent/majestic/super awesome hobby in my life.
    2) I read Star Wars , and it is the most stunning sci-fi novel , by far, ever written.
    3) I will never understand that, actually. English is an indispensable part of my daily routine. It has been, and always will be, my life-blood.

  • Our LOVE is steering in your direction . Keep it HOT !!!