IELTS Energy 88: 6 Speaking Idioms for Questions About Parties and Celebrations

IELTS Speaking test idioms partiesDo you like to party?

On the IELTS Speaking test there are a lot of questions about parties and celebrations.

If you get a question like this you should use idioms and expressions to boost your vocabulary score to a 7 or higher.

Today we’ll give you 6 idioms to increase your score with these questions.

Here are 6 great Speaking test idioms for questions about parties and celebrations:

  • To get down: To dance, to have fun, to enjoy, to get crazy
  • To throw a party: To host a party, to invite guests
  •  To crash a party: To show up uninvited, to go when you are not supposed to be at the party
  •  To be the life of the party: To be the person that everyone is looking at, to be entertaining everyone, to be the center of attention, telling jokes, making the party fun
  • To be a party pooper: Someone who doesn’t have fun at parties
  • To be a wallflower: Someone who is shy and stands in the corner at a party and does not socialize very much
  • To be a party animal: Someone who loves parties
  • To let your hair down: To relax, let loose, have fun, loosen up, chill out and have a good time


Use these idioms on your speaking test if you get a question about parties and celebrations. Why? When the examiner hears idioms like these they automatically push your vocabulary score up.

This increase in your vocabulary score could push your entire band score up and might mean the difference between a 6 and a 7.

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What idioms do you know that can be used to talk about parties and celebrations?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • 1) It’s time to get down and get crazy !
    2) I’m throwing a party this coming Saturday night . Would you like to come ?
    3) He crashed a party last night and surprised everyone .
    4) Miss Lindsay is always the life of the party by telling jokes and making the party fun .
    5) Mrs. Mollie is usually a party pooper who doesn’t have fun and can’t enjoy herself at parties .
    6) Don’t be a wallflower ! Try to socialize more and make friends at parties .
    7) Teacher Jessica is a real party animal who is crazy about parties .
    8) Let your hair down and loosen up ! Just have a good time at parties .

  • Yahara Mika

    I would like to know Whether these Mollie’s examples are good, please.

    • Rubens Arandas

      Mollie is always fantastic. She always bless us with her very good examples and summary.