IELTS Video Lesson: Sample Answers about Tourism: Speaking Parts 2 and 3

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Today, we learn how to answer IELTS Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 questions about tourism.

ielts speaking sample answers tourism

There has already been a video on our YouTube channel about the common IELTS topic of travel.

However, there was a recent request, made by a student commenting on a video of mine, asking for more specific advice related to the topic of tourism.

Travel and tourism appear all over the IELTS exam- it could be a topic in a Reading passage, in Listening Sections 1 or 2, Writing Task 2, and, of course, anywhere on the Speaking exam.

So, here you go!

As you watch the video, please take notes on any interesting vocabulary you hear, as well as the linking and transitions I use to introduce and connect my ideas.

Also, please write down specific examples you hear.

Remember, you must be very specific in your Speaking answers, in order to score highly for Fluency/Coherence and Vocabulary.


More specifically, tourism could come up on IELTS Speaking Part 2, if you are asked to describe a holiday you took, or a tourist attraction in your town.

In this video, I answer the IELTS Part 2 question:

Describe a time you had difficulties as a tourist.

However, the concept of tourism- its advantages/disadvantages, its development in past, present and/or future- could be seen in Speaking Part 3 or Writing Task 2.


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In this video, I answer the IELTS Speaking Part 3 question:

How has tourism changed in your city in recent years?

Now, you should practice answering the same questions I did.

Here are some bonus Part 3 questions for you to answer:

How might tourism change in the future? (in your city, country, and world-wide)

How would you answer the questions from today?

Leave us your ideas in the comments section below!

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  • 1) Wow, let’s see … , despite , however , actually , such as , to be frank , correct me if I’m wrong , off the beaten path/track , maze, no sense of direction , tend to / easy to get lost , side street / alley , discover , local restaurant , map , canal, lead to , gold statue , copper stone , tourist landmark , famous square , fountain , postcard , super awesome , memorable time … etc.
    2) To my mind , even , brief period of time , notice , significant jump , amount of traffic , hotels , hostels, fill up , specific / most recent change , environmentally friendly , large number of rental bikes , install , all over the city , center …. etc.

    Wow, Let’s see .. The most difficult time I had as a tourist was when I visited my family in winter of 2006 for Chinese Lunar Year .
    I suffered from terrible airport fails in Hong Kong Airport that put my travel plans into a nosedive . The long line at security was my most worry . It severely affected time consumption, in worse case, led to overnight stay at the lounge . Moreover , there was a snow storm and the weather was too cold to bear . ….

  • William

    can you provide transcripts of your videos, sorry sometimes I could’t catch what you said. thank you.

    • Sure you can buy them at