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How to Match Headings to Paragraphs on the IELTS Reading Test




How to Prepare for Reading

Remember! At least 75% of the answers are at the beginning or the end of the paragraph. If you are struggling with this then you are probably overcomplicating it.

Do you struggle with the IELTS reading test especially when it comes to matching headings to paragraphs?

A lot of students struggle with this but it’s not as hard as you think. It should be fast and easy to answer this. You might be over-complicating it.

Headings are main ideas!

Main ideas are almost always at the beginning or the end of the paragraph. That is where you will find the answer. You are matching key words from a heading to the beginning or end of a paragraph.

How to match headings to paragraphs:

  • Step 1: Skim the passage to get the main idea
  • Step 2: Look at the headings and circle key words
  • Step 3: Look at the first two lines and match the key words to a heading

If you can’t match go to the end of the paragraph and look at the last two lines and try to match them to a heading.


What should you do if you cannot match?

Skip it. Go to the next paragraph.



More IELTS Reading Tips!


Do you have this common IELTS reading worry?

Most IELTS students worry about one specific thing.

They have heard that they shouldn’t read the entire passage on the Reading test to get the answers but they think to themselves, “If I don’t read then how can I get the answers?”

It’s true that you cannot read the entire passage word for word.

You do not have time.

You need a strategy.

Today we will show you how to do it and get the score you need.

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Do you want a simple formula for IELTS Reading success?

If you want to succeed on the IELTS Reading test then you need to practice reading in everyday life.

You already use many of the necessary test strategies like skimming, scanning, and reading for details in your everyday reading in your native language.

Now it’s time to use these skills in English.

Find out how to succeed on IELTS reading in this article.



How to Use Your Imagination to Conquer T/F/NG Questions on IELTS

Many IELTS students struggle with T/F/NG questions on the IELTS Reading test but they aren’t as hard as you think they are!

We have a simple way to make this question type easier.

For this type of question, you must:

  • Pay attention to whether they are asking you for T/F/NG or Y/N/NG. If you give the wrong type of answer then it’s considered wrong. Read the instructions!
  • Start by looking at key words when you answer these questions.
  • Next, use our strategy to picture the statement and the passage having a conversation. Do they agree? If so then your answer is “T.”

Learn more about T/F/NG reading questions here.



How to Get Faster on the IELTS Reading Test

Are you a slow reader?

Are you worried that your slow reading speed will bring down your score on the IELTS?

To increase your reading speed you need to:

  • Get into the habit of reading daily. Create a reading culture for yourself. Get material that you love to come back to. Have fun with it.
  • Get a solid strategy such as skimming, scanning, and reading for details and use it on the Reading test.
  • Take out a newspaper and read one article for 5 minutes. After you have read the article, write down what you can remember. Do this on a weekly basis to increase your reading speed and confidence.

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What Is the IELTS Exam Day Schedule?

Are you wondering when the Reading test happens on exam day?

Would you like to know exactly what to expect for each section of the test?

The key to success on this exam is knowing exactly what will happen so that you can feel calm and confident.

In this episode you’ll find out what test comes first, what comes next, and how to prepare for it all.

Click here to listen to the episode.


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