IELTS Energy 170: The IELTS Pre-Game Ritual for a Championship Score

the night before IELTS testWhat should you do the day or the night before the IELTS Exam?

Should you be doing practice tests?

Practicing your speaking?

What do world-class athletes do the night before a game?

They rest and relax.

They spend time with their families.

They do not go out and run sprints to prepare for the game the next day.

We are making today’s episode to help the students in our course or anyone who has put in a lot of hard work and has really taken time to learn solid strategies with a good IELTS study plan.

If you have worked hard in an IELTS course and it’s the night before the test you need to relax.

There is nothing you can do by this point to change your score. You have learned what you have learned.

If you try to work too hard on practice tests now you could actually lower your score because you might get a lot of anxiety if your practice tests scores are lower than you expect.

What should you do?

Go out in the evening (don’t stay out too late) and spend time with friends and family or stay home and watch a movie. Read a book. Maybe watch a movie in English.

If you have honestly done everything that we tell you to do in our study plan and you have participated in our 3 Keys Power Hours or Writing Wizard Essay Contest then YOU ARE READY.

Relax. Get a good night’s sleep. Go into the exam refreshed and ready.

Good luck!

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  • After a long battle relaxation is more necessary . There is a little less time to save . Keep stress from shriveling your brain into a raisin . Separate yourself from getting crushed in the game . Trust your own instincts / intuition to get the best result .

    • @mollie_tai:disqus that’s right!

  • Roberto Amaral

    Hi Lindsay. I need some help with your website. I’m trying to buy the 3-keys IELTS, but after I put all my information the folowing error message appears: “An account with email [my email] already exists”. It is not make sense to me. I’m trying to buy a course, who cares if my e-mail already exists or not?
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    • @disqus_hMay4kLKGM:disqus I apologize! I have just emailed you. I can set up the account for you if tell me which course you want (general or academic and trial or full course). Thanks