IELTS Energy 37: The Two Steps to Follow if You Run Out of Ideas in Speaking Part 2

2 steps IELTS speaking test

Do you ever run out of things to say on the IELTS Speaking test?

What should you do in this situation?

This happens a lot in Part 2 of the Speaking test.

Follow two steps if your mind goes blank and you run out of ideas:

  • Be honest. Say something like “That’s all I can think of to say on that topic.” “I can’t believe it’s not two minutes yet.” This will also help with your anxiety. If you say what you are experiencing, you will feel much more relaxed.
  • Next, think of something else to say. Think of anything in your personal experience that connects to the topic in any way.

Click here to learn how to come up with creative ideas for IELTS Writing.

Follow these two steps the next time you run out of ideas on the Speaking test and let us know how it goes.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jose Peñaloza

    Thank u guys it’s been so helpful, your voices will be in my mind with all your tips when I take the exam, it’s amazing how you help people with your podcasts, I love AEE 😀 *thumbs up* best regards from Venezuela

    • @disqus_Mm5XIdNFgv:disqus
      Hi Jose, that’s great to hear! We wish you the best of luck on your exam and let us know how it goes!

  • 1) Jessica : What do you remember about your university life ?
    Mollie : ….. That’s all I can think of to say on that topic .
    2) Lindsay : What do you like to read ?
    Mollie : ….. I can’t believe it’s not 2 minutes yet .

    3) Jessica : Why did you choose your profession ?
    Mollie : Because I fell in love with English and wanted to help others learn this universal
    language .
    4) Lindsay : Do you like to live in a house or an apartment ?
    Mollie : I prefer a house to an apartment . A house gives me more space and personal
    freedom to enjoy . I can have a garden or a yard to plants trees or vegetables . It will help me keep and stay in good shape by breathing fresh air and exercising every day . ……

    • @mollie_tai:disqus great examples. Thanks!

  • Anjana Varma

    Hi Jessica and Lindsay… It’s my speaking exam today and I am so excited and at the same time nervous also.. Though I have given it before as well but I scored only 6.5 , however I need 7 and above this time.. I have been watching your videos from past 1 month and am really confident now that I will score 7 and above this time… Thank you guys for making it easier for us to understand.. Regards, Anjana