IELTS Energy 150: How to Read Your Way to a Higher IELTS Score

IELTS Reading 6.5 strategyToday find out how to read your way to a better IELTS score!

Today get 3 reading questions that one 6.5 reading candidate asked us and learn how to push this score of 6.5 higher.

The more you read, the higher your IELTS score will be.

Seek out reading topics such as science, health, and technology.

You don’t need to worry about reading about politics.

You won’t find politics on IELTS.

Start paying attention to these different reading sources.

Create a culture of thinking.

Push yourself to read about and think about ideas that you wouldn’t normally think about.

This can also help you create better conversations.


We had another reading question from a student who has done all of the Cambridge IELTS books 1-10 and he is frustrated because he is at a 6.5 and can’t get higher than that.

Just doing practice test books won’t get you beyond that 6.5.

Instead, challenge yourself with native speaker reading material and balance that with strategies.

In our course, 3 Keys IELTS we have boiled down every section into simple steps.

You can’t just keep doing the test with no strategies and expect to get better.

Read this article to learn about a common reading worry for all IELTS students.


Is your reading score stuck at a 6.5?

What will you do differently after today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • How to help you READ more ?
    1) Find a quiet place
    2) Set a reading goal
    3) Get some context first
    4) Prepare your reading list
    5) Make reading a part of your daily routine
    6) Read only what you are attracted to
    7) Give yourself a deadline to complete each book / story
    8) Feel free to skip pages you don’t enjoy reading
    9) READ for MEANING , NOT words
    10) Keep an open mind while reading

  • AlUribe2020

    Jessica, this episode made me think a lot.
    Maybe we should get a brief list of subjects or topics to read about. Nobody can be an expert in everything, but just by knowing the basics things might be enough.
    In order to improve our knowledge, what would be better, reading or listening podcasts, or both things?
    By the way, say Lindsay that she must be better, bye.

    • @AlUribe2020:disqus I think both ways would be good and both are important. You need to balance out your skills! Good luck