IELTS Energy 176: 7 Stellar Cinematic Phrases for IELTS Speaking and Writing + 2 More

IELTS Speaking and IELTS WritingToday you’ll  get 7 stellar cinematic phrases for IELTS Speaking AND IELTS Writing plus a few more!

Get the amazing IELTS vocabulary that you need for these two parts of the test that will push your score higher than a 6 and up into the 7’s and 8’s.

You often find questions about movies and TV on the IELTS so today you’ll get 7 cinema phrases.

You won’t find these phrases in a textbook! They are real, modern, and up to date.


Examples of questions about movies in Speaking Part 1

  • Do you like the same movies you did when you were a kid?
  • Are new movies always better than old movies?

Speaking Part 2:

  • Describe a movie or TV show

Speaking Part 3:

  • Do you think violence in the movies affects children?


Cinema Vocabulary:

  • Dark: When a show or movie is sad or scary and it makes you feel bad and depressed about the world.
  • To be on the edge of your seat: When you are so involved in the story that you are leaning forward in your seat. It’s usually a thriller or a mystery when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.
  • To be completely in it: To be immersed in a movie or a show the whole time
  • It took me out of the story: When something like the format of the movie, the characters, or the music distract you from the story
  • To bomb at the box office: When a movie does not succeed at the theatre and it does not make much money.
  • Rom-com: romantic comedy
  • Dramedy: a funny drama
  • Chick flick: a movie that some women might like


Ok practice your sentences below.

Let us know what movies you have seen and how you liked them.

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  • 1) ” The End of the World ” is a dark

    movie . It made me feel so bad and depressed about the world .
    2) ” Halloween ” is a thriller and a mystery . I was on the edge of my seat when I watched it .
    3) I was glued to / completely in ” Star Wars VII ” the whole time . It is super amazing .
    4) ” False Friends ” took me out of the story . It is a boring movie .
    5) ” Panic ” bombed at the box office last year . It was a big failure .
    6) ” Love in the Air ” is a typical rom-com . I was really into it .
    7) ” Guess What ? ” is a dramedy . It was so hilarious and made me laugh to the end .
    8) ” Pretty Women ” is a fantastic chick flick . The women are gorgeous and attractive in the movie .
    9) ” Missing ” is a tear jerker / downer . I cried a lot because it was so sad and depressing .

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    1) This reports need to be printing down. Do you normally take care of that?
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