IELTS Energy 151: Why Paraphrasing Is a Golden Opportunity for a 7 or Higher on Writing

IELTS Writing Task 2Why is paraphrasing a golden opportunity for a 7 or higher on IELTS Writing?

We have talked in the past about how to paraphrase in the Speaking test.

Today we’ll talk about where and when you should paraphrase on Writing Task 2, especially on the Argument Essay and how you can get better at it.

On Writing Task 2 you have to mention all parts of the question in your essay.

For example, if there are two sentences in the question such as “Some people say that studying art in school is very beneficial. However, other people say that it should be an elective because it doesn’t benefit everyone.”

In your essay you have to explore both sides of the question and you can’t copy the question word for word. Why? If you do that those words won’t be counted as part of your essay.

They’ll be taken out.

When you paraphrase you need to use new words and show the examiner your ability to come up with parallel expressions.

It’s an opportunity to show off your vocabulary and stand out as a 7 candidate.


When you paraphrase it doesn’t have to be amazing words. You can paraphrase in simpler language and it’s still going to help your score.

For example, say “drawing lessons” instead of “art classes.”

*Tip- you need a lot of phrases to use when you talk about opinions:

  •  “Some argue that…”
  • “Some are of the opinion that…”
  • “A certain portion of the population believe that…”


  • “It is generally believed that” = “Most people think that”
  • “Some people are born with certain talents” = “A certain portion of the population is born with natural abilities.”
  • “However it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to be a good sports player or musician” = “Some people feel that anyone can learn to be good at athletics.”


What do you think about today’s episode?

Do you know how to paraphrase on the IELTS?

Leave us a comment below.

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  • Paraphrasing is the name of the game ! Stop copying the question word for word ! Show off and stand out ! Always come up with parallel expressions in simpler language / new words .
    For example ,
    1) Some ( people ) / Others / A few individuals argue / believe / are of the opinion that …. / A certain portion of the population argues / believes / is of the opinion that …
    2) It / A common point of view is generally/ sometimes claimed / believed / Most / some people think / feel that …
    3) Say ” drawing lessons ” instead of ” art classes ”
    4) ” natural abilities ” is similar to / as same as ” certain talents ”
    5) ” any child ” / “anyone ” / all children
    6) ” can be taught ” / ” can learn ”
    7) ” be a good sports player / person ” / be good at athletics
    8) ” be born with ” / ” posses ” / ” have ”
    9) ” obtain ” / ” gain ” / ” acquire ” / ” build ”
    10) ” be a .. ” /” become a … “

    • Vincent

      Great, thanks for your phrases.

  • Take care ! Teacher Lindsay !

    • @mollie_tai:disqus thanks so much

  • Андрей Лукачер

    Topic is the theme or subject of discussion.

  • Андрей Лукачер

    Synonim for Example is Instance.I am born with talent for music. Particular people wield special talent.

  • Андрей Лукачер

    Can- are able,have the capacity.

  • Ricardo Sendulsky

    The best episode I’ve heard in this podcast. Thank you very much. You are extremly awesome!