IELTS Energy 44: Your Step-by-Step Tour of IELTS Exam Day

IELTS exam room

Today you’ll find out exactly what happens on IELTS exam day.

The Listening test is first.

You listen for 30 minutes and then you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers.

Next you start the Reading test.

The Reading test has 3 passages, 40 questions, and you have to do it in 60 minutes.

There is no extra time for transferring your answers.

Next comes the Writing test. At this point you might be tired but you need to keep going. It’s important to eat a good breakfast before the test.

The Writing test is 60 minutes, 20 minutes for Task 1, 40 minutes for Task 2.

When you prepare, be sure to practice the timing for the Writing test.

After Writing, find out when your Speaking test is. It’s usually that afternoon.

Sometimes it’s at another time during the week.

During the time between the Writing and the Speaking tests, you may have a huge amount of time.

Have a plan for how you are going to fill those hours if you need to.

You can listen to a podcast in English during that time but also get some fresh air, go outside and take a walk. Give your brain some down time.


Which part do you think will be the hardest section on the test?

Let us know in the comments and tell us how you are preparing for that section.

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  • On IELTS exam day , it is important and wise to go early . Get out of your bad mood by planning ahead . Don’t be nervous ! Sing a little if you feel relaxed . Take a short walk or listen to slow music to calm your mind during the test break . Guess the answers if you don’t know . Manage your time well for each section . Show your passion when you speak . Be active ! Focus on connection and communication , not perfection . Get creative ! Remember to tell yourself ” YOU CAN DO IT !” . Just GO FOR IT !!!