IELTS Energy Bonus: Trump Won the Election? Native 9 Problems and Solutions for this Election Season


We can’t believe what just happened in American politics last week!

It was a complete shock to so many people that Trump won the election.

In today’s episode we’ll show you exactly how and why he won the election.

You can also use this episode to build your IELTS skills!

We’ll show you how you can use our phrases about causes and effects to get that native 9 you are looking for.

Listen to how Lindsay and Jessica introduce and transition into real causes and effects.

Also pay attention to how we voice our opinions on the election.

Also use the episode to build your Culture of Thinking for a better Writing and Speaking score on test day.


Let us know your thoughts on the election!

Leave a comment below.

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  • Trump beat Clinton by performing better than her . Fighting for what’s unique is worth it .
    He comes out of his shell . He has the ability to deal with problems . He is as cool as a cucumber . He makes history . There is a crack in American life , that’s how his light gets in . He is a smart cookie . He finds his way to achieve his goals .