IELTS Energy 472: 5 Amazing Idioms for a High Vocabulary Score on IELTS

amazing idioms high vocabulary score IELTSToday you’ll learn amazing idioms for a high vocabulary score on IELTS.

Our idioms today are some of our recent greatest hits from our YouTube channel, IELTS Energy TV.

There are many questions on the IELTS Speaking Exam that are about stories, be they from books, movies or TV shows. Or, perhaps, a play!

Use these phrases to stand out and increase your vocabulary score!

Idioms for stories:

a page turner– a book that you can’t stop reading because it is so good

spine-tingling– very scary

a tear-jerker– very sad, makes you cry

For Lindsay, the biggest tear-jerker is the movie Into the Wild, and for Jessica it is Philadelphia.

Idioms for fame and celebrity:

Lindsay recently saw the movie Battle of the Sexes which she raves about. Check it out!

a household name– name that everyone knows (Lindsay notes that Billie Jean King, in the movie she saw, was a famous female tennis star in the ’70’s, and she was a household name. These days, Kardashian, unfortunately, is a household name.)

a has-been– is a person who used to be famous but is not anymore


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Practice using these phrases in your IELTS answers!

IELTS Speaking Questions:

Part 1

Are you reading a book at the moment?

Who is your favorite actor?

What was the last movie you watched?

Part 2

Describe the last novel you read. (Speak for 2 minutes!)

Describe your favorite movie. (Speak for 2 minutes!)

How would you answer these questions, using the new vocabulary?

Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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  • 1) The Old Man and Sea is a real page turner.
    2) Halloween is a spine-tingling movie.
    3) The Funeral is a tear-jerker.
    4) Prince is a household name.
    5) Tom Jones is a has-been.

  • Hello, thank you so much for let the learners know these 5 most important and tough English idioms.

  • Uju

    Hi Jess

  • Uju

    Hi Jessica,Thanks so much.I used some of your technique on YouTube though am not your student and I got my required band on my first setting of the ielts academic.
    Overall band -9
    Thanks Jessica.Your technique on writing task 1 was a life saver for me on my test day because I almost ran out of time.