IELTS Energy 460: Don’t be a Trainwreck in IELTS Part 2 Song Questions

Today you’ll learn how to not be a total trainwreck in IELTS Part 2 song questions.trainwreck ielts part 2 song questions

In Speaking Part 2, you may be asked to describe your favorite song. This could be a tough topic to fill two minutes with!

In our beginning episode banter, we discuss what music is in our lives at the moment. Listen to learn important vocabulary!

For example, we mention the term ‘trainwreck‘. This describes someone who is a complete and utter mess, usually due to alcohol or drugs. This term could also describe any situation that is a complete mess!

In Speaking Part 1, you may be asked to talk about live vs. recorded music.

If you are not into any English music, check out this video with band recommendations:



In IELTS Speaking Part 2, you may also be asked to talk about music, as in the topic mentioned earlier.

Some notable words and phrases in Jessica’s answer:

  • central to my musical life
  • old Beatles records on vinyl
  • specific details of album names, like Abbey Road and the White Album
  • fascinating 1960’s history
  • become involved with


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  • narrative tale
  • lullaby
  • acoustic tune
  • melodic
  • still, to this day
  • stentorian

When you are tackling this question, you can begin by providing general details about the band and how you came to love the song.

Then, when getting into details, bring up images in your mind to describe.

How you should prepare for this question:

  1. Research. Choose some vocabulary from today to use.
  2. Find a favorite band that sings in English. Choose a band and read about them. Become a fan!
  3. Practice talking for 2 minutes, even 3 minutes, about your favorite song!

What is your favorite song in English?

Share your musical interests and recommendations in the comments section below!

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