IELTS Energy 434: Alejandro’s Writing Silver Bullet for IELTS Task 2

alejandros writing silver bullet ielts task 2Today you’ll learn Alejandro’s writing silver bullet for IELTS Task 2.

Every month, students in our course have the opportunity to participate in the Writing Wizard Contest, and the winner gets a free 15-minute strategy session with me as well as the chance to come on the podcast.

Alejandro is the winner this month! In our strategy session, we talked about how he could more effectively learn vocabulary for his first IELTS Exam.

Before getting into our course, Alejandro had never written an academic essay.

He is going through a very effective process to improve his essays. In fact, he rewrote his winning essay 3 times before he submitted it.

Alejandro is an engineer, as is really trying to expand his vocab. beyond technical words.

He still has a month and a half before his exam, so he’s not focused on timing yet.

If you are in a similar stage as our student, follow his example. Right now, your goal is simply to write the best essay you can, using a template, high-level linking words, and fantastic vocabulary.

In a few weeks, however, you should start timing yourself.

The essay question this month was about crime, a topic in every IELTS textbook. However, be aware that this isn’t a super common topic on the IELTS Exam!


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One of Alejandro’s excellent phrases:

Fortunately, the evolution as human beings helps us to categorize and distinguish between them, and apply a more suitable punishment.

When you try to improve your vocabulary, you can follow Alejandro’s example, but using dictionary and thesaurus websites to learn and improve, like

Alejandro’s Writing Task 2 tips:

He also participated in a Reading Power Hour, a monthly lesson available to our students. This made the strategies very clear and helped him complete his Reading Practice Tests with higher scores.

What do you think of Alejandro’s advice?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Moisés Rocha

    Very nice interview as always.

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