IELTS Energy 412: 5 Activities to Get Rid of Uh’s and Um’s on IELTS Speaking

In this episode, you’ll learn 5 activities to get rid of uh’s and um’s on IELTS Speaking, increasing Fluency AND Pronunciation scores!

5 activities get rid uh's um's ielts speaking

Activity #1: Practice a Variety of Topics

For most students, there are a lot more hesitations in IELTS Speaking Part 3. The topics are more difficult, and you may not even be used to discussing these things in your first language.

Expand what you’re exposing yourself to, for example: watch TV shows and movies you wouldn’t normally watch, choose novels and news articles you wouldn’t usually read.

After reading or watching, summarize what you read or saw, and then describe your opinion on the material.

Also, create an English habit with a friend or family member, so you have one or more days a week which you only use English. You can then talk about these new ideas!

Activity #2: Reading Out Loud

Read about this activity here.

Activity #3: Use YouTube


Watch YouTube clips and pause after 5-10 seconds, and then copy exactly how the native speaker sounds.


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Activity #4: Use Interviews

There are two options here:

Ask someone to record the examiner’s instructions and questions, and use this to practice your answers.

Or, you can use interview podcasts. When you hear the interviewer ask a question, pause the program and answer him/her. This would be super interesting, and you’d get to talk about such a huge variety of topics.

You can also use the transcripts to do this activity.

A show Lindsay recommends is called Science Vs.

Activity #5: Role-play

Use transcripts from IELTS Listening Sections 1 and 3, interview shows, or TV shows/movies.

Then, act it out! You can play both roles and experiment with how you express yourself, or you can role play this with a study partner.

What do you think of today’s activities?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • 1) lay laid laid ( laying ) : put/place …. down ; lay eggs lay it on me , lay down the law
    2) lie lied lied ( lying ) : not tell the truth
    3) lie lay lain ( lying ) : recline ; lie down

  • Sanem

    Lindsay and re so good. 😍 With these podcasts ı m much more confident and be connected in english.ı will listen you like forever.
    And ı ve a question.ı heard that at one of the tv series “easy peasy lemon squeezy” .ı think that phrase s so cute 💜 Is it common native phrase used in english? And what are the other options formal and informal we can use in same meaning? Thank u for your amazing work

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