IELTS Energy 402: Experience Ragini’s Excitement with an Overall 8!

ragini excitement overall 8Ragini, a 3 Keys student, is excited because she received the invitation to immigrate to Canada, after getting an overall 8 on IELTS!

She has been trying to get this score for her Canadian visa for one year. Before our course, she took the IELTS Exam 3 times and could not reach the results necessary.

Ragini had been educated in English and was very confident in her ability, but she didn’t have all the strategies. Listening and Writing went OK, but Reading and Speaking were stuck at 6.

Ragini noted:

“Nobody can just crack IELTS. You need to practice. It’s not just another examination which we can take casually.”

Then, she took 3 Keys IELTS, and increased all of her scores by at least a whole band point.

Speaking Tips for 7.5

Listening Tips for 9


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Writing Tips for 7

Ragini was so well-rehearsed, she actually finished her Writing Exam 10 minutes before the time was up!

Reading Tips for 7.5

What do you think of Ragini’s advice?

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  • There’s no better place to crave for learning English than All Ears English . So many craving phrases to treat yourself with desire and addition . Pouring them into your world .
    By the way , get into Secrets of the Connected Communicator and put a spring in your step .

  • Miki

    Hello from Japan! From Miki
    I have started to listen this pod cast lately. This is exactly the program which I have always been looking for! I’ll SERIOUSLY subscribe this. Haha. And I’m so excited to hear that one of you are coming to Japan! How was your trip?

    • Hi! She is still there. Please leave recommendations for where she should visit in Japan. Thanks!

  • Rana

    I really appreciate you Lindsay, and Michelle. It is extremely awesome

    • Thanks Rana! We are happy to have you as a listener.

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