IELTS Energy 390: How Lucas Stayed Calm for 9’s on his IELTS Exam

Our awesome 3 Keys student, Lucas, shares tips today on how he stayed calm for 9’s on his IELTS Exam.

lucas stayed calm 9s ielts exam

He got 9’s in Listening and Reading, and 7.5’s in Speaking and Writing. He was also our Writing Wizard Winner.

This was the first time he took the IELTS Exam. He wants to improve all bands to an 8, so he will keep studying and take the test one more time.


How to hit a 9 in IELTS Reading

How to hit a 9 in IELTS Listening


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How to hit a 7.5 on IELTS Speaking

  • Take some one-on-one lessons with an IELTS professional, to pinpoint your personal strategies linked to the scoring system. (3 Keys students have the option to meet with Jessica on Skype.)
    • For Lucas, he had to smile a bit more, and speak out with confidence and presence.
  • Answer immediately- don’t pause to think.
  • Learn a strategy to fill the 2 minutes in IELTS Speaking Part 2.

How to hit a 7.5 on IELTS Writing

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