IELTS Energy 389: Make Mixed Travelling Task 2’s Easy

mixed travelling task 2 easyToday we are sharing a student question about a mixed IELTS Task 2 question about travel.

I would like to ask about this essay. Is it an opinion or argument essay? Please help me out. The question is:

Today, more people are travelling than ever before.

Why is this the case?

What are the benefits of travelling for the traveler?

This kind of mixed Task 2 question should be easy. It tells you exactly what to write about in your body paragraphs.

The problem for students comes in when they are inflexible with their writing strategies and templates.

In fact, this is why we added the Level Up lesson to the Writing Module in our course, to encourage you to take these writing tools and be flexible and appropriate with them.

As to this example IELTS Task 2, focus on the two questions. The first asks you for causes– why are more people travelling today. That is what you will talk about in paragraph 2.

The second question asks for benefits of travel. So, you should write about these in paragraph 3.

Example brainstorm:

Why are people travelling?

  • It’s easier. We don’t need a travel agent. You can book anything quickly online.
  • People see more about other countries online, and it makes them want to travel, to try food and activities.
  • Support with specific sites and countries.

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What are the benefits?

  • Open the mind to cultural differences
  • Learning languages

Why are easy questions dangerous?

You may be tempted to include too many of your ideas in each paragraph. This will not score highly.

Instead, just choose one of your ideas and build it out with specific details and examples.

Your turn!

Use this question to practice Task 2. Answer this question in 40 minutes, including time to check your essay. Stick to only writing 250 to 280 words.

What are your ideas for today’s Task 2 question?

Share your ideas in the comments section below!


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  • 1) A: She is my best friend and/or vice versa .
    B: That’s wonderful !
    2) A: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you !
    B: Likewise .
    3) A: What we learn with pleasure we never forget .
    B: Ditto .

  • Teobaldo da pagodera

    The interesting about Vice versa is that in portuguese is the same spelling and the same meaning.

    • kkk

      I completely agree!

  • 김이은

    Very interesting. I thought ‘and vice versa’ and ‘or vice versa’ had different meaning. Thank you for your podcast 🙂

  • Claire Kim

    Very interesting. I thought ‘and vice versa’ and ‘or vice versa’ had different meaning. Thank you for your podcast 🙂

  • Paragraph #2 :
    More travellers than ever before due to online services. You can book tickets and hotel rooms quickly and search for sightseeing information easily. Just go to any travel website and tourist guide ….
    Paragraph #3 :
    Travelling brings so many benefits to life. Not only is it amazing to see different peoples and cultures , it’s a great lesson in experiencing languages. As fun as you travel , it could buy you a world book. Moreover, it’s absolutely necessary to challenge yourself and open your mind. Your optimistic heart is a magnet for self-definition. It’s a force to be a better person….

  • Sajeema Kunhikalanthante Akath

    Hello Jessica and Lindsay,

    Here is my attempt for the given Task 2, Can you please comment on my writing , if I am wring like this how much score i can get in IELTS.

    Nowadays the rate of tourist travelling are goes on increasing than the number in the past. In my opinion, this increased trend is due to the technology development and because of cheaper transportation.

    Firstly, people are travelling inside and outside of the country as it is more convenient for them to know and choose the cheap tickets without connecting to a person in directly. For example , it is very common now many internet sites that they are offering cheap flight tickets with a chance of visiting 5 or more countries at a time. In addition, they are arranging good food , accommodation and travelling facilities. Moreover people can have all the information regarding the tourist spots, hotels and food tastes from the internet and foodie shows which make it easy to select the country.

    Secondly, by travelling to various places the tourist were able to know more about their culture, tradition, fashion, food habits and languages. For instance, some of the tourist are very keen to learn the culture of different countries. One clear example , is the people of China have their own culture, tradition and religious beliefs which is very interesting. Moreover by visiting the place it is easy for the travellers to experience by themselves rather than by seeing on internet.

    To conclude, the travelling number has shown a large hike from the past trend owing to the technological improvement which made easy access to the internet as well as good transportation made life more easier for the travellers. This will definitely not only help countries economically but also to keep a good international relationship between countries.