IELTS Energy 377: Where Do I Go For IELTS Writing Help?

Today we answer a 3 Keys student question about using a non-IELTS website for IELTS writing help.

ielts writing help

Recently I came across this website, writeandimprove. Can I trust their suggestions? I think it’s a Cambridge website.

This is a Cambridge site, offering free writing correction services.

To be honest, if a resource is free, this is a red flag.

The people grading your writing are probably not being paid that much, and probably aren’t professionals.

It will also probably be a type of sales funnel, where you will be asked to purchase products after using the service.

In addition, as IELTS students, you need to be working with an IELTS professional, as the essays are different than academic writing.

An educated native speaker could help you with vocabulary, grammar, and linking words, but, not knowing the scoring requirements, will not be able to improve your score in every category.

This is important to know in allocating your funds for preparation.

You could pay less for a general English tutor to get help with the aspects previously mentioned.

Then, spend a little bit more, to get feedback from an IELTS pro to help you specifically meet high IELTS requirements.

You must say “I” in your Task 2 essay

In normal academic writing, you cannot use “I”. However, you must include your personal opinion in 3 different places in your Task 2 essay.


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You should use a personal example

This would be too informal for normal academic writing.

On IELTS, in contrast, you don’t have access to a computer or research. So, in order to support your opinion, you must mine your own experiences and use them as examples and details.

Stick to the word limits

The essays are short and you must organize them in a specific way. Also, the body paragraphs should not have concluding sentences such as longer paragraphs in other essays.

Task 1 is completely, uniquely IELTS

There is just no person outside IELTS who could tell you how to tackle Academic Task 1- which numbers are important, how to describe them, and how to organize this information into a 3 paragraph essay.

What do you think of today’s advice?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • A: What do you want for breakfast ?
    B: I want two sandwiches with cheese and jam . A cup of coffee as well .
    ( in addition , too , also , besides , .. and something else )

    A: Can I have two oranges as well as/and an apple ?
    B: Sure . Here you are .

    A: Our teacher is late today .
    B: Maybe it’s just as well that he doesn’t come to class . So, we won’t have an exam .

  • helena kong

    Hi, This is Helena Kong from China. I’ve been listening to your podcast almost one year and It helps me a lot. I will never feel lonely when I drive to office.
    Here is a question, I am not sure if it is the right place to raise questions.
    What is the difference between “or vice versa” and ” and vice versa”.
    Thank you . Looking forward to your response.

  • Asegid

    Hi I am Asegid from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I found your episodes and transcripts very important to improve English. Especially as adults need structure for their fast learning, your transcripts are pretty natural and really helpful. Please get organised all the transcripts and make accessible to all.


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