IELTS Energy 376: Get Hooked Up With 7+ Vocabulary for IELTS

Today you’ll learn 4 native speaker phrases with the word “hook” to raise your vocabulary score on you next IELTS Exam.

7 vocabulary ielts phrasal verbs hook

In order to get high scores for vocabulary, you need to include some phrasal verbs and idioms in your answers.

Remember, these are informal so do not use these in Academic Writing Task 1 or Writing Task 2.

Hooked on

I’m so hooked on this restaurant right now. I go almost every day!

‘Hooked on’ is used to describe something you are addicted to or obsessed with. It can be used for food, places, even TV shows and movies.

Hooked up with

I went to a networking event and my friend hooked me up with a blogger that I’ll work with soon.

This is often used to describe being connected with another person, especially offering you a service, or even goods.


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Hook something up

I hooked up my microphone to my computer in order to record the podcast.

This describes the action of connecting physical things, especially electronics.

Let someone off the hook

You’re off the hook. I don’t blame you for scratching my new car.

This is used when you forgive someone.

Alternatively, you could also be on the hook for something, meaning you are responsible for something.

Now practice! Look at some sample IELTS questions and use these new phrases!

How would you use these phrases!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  • 1) I’m so hooked on AEE every day !
    2) My friend hooked me up with a blind date yesterday . I get hooked up with AEE every morning .
    3) I hooked up my ipad to wall socket in order to charge battery .
    4) I let you off the hook . You’re off the hook .
    5) You are on the hook this time .