IELTS Energy 365: Stunning Sample Speaking Part 3 Answers about the Internet

Today Jessica provides sample Speaking Part 3 answers to Cambridge questions about the internet.

sample speaking part 3 answers internet

Listening to model answers from a native IELTS professional is an excellent way to not only learn new vocabulary, but also learn how to naturally and fluently organize your own Speaking Part 3 responses.

While you’re listening to Jessica’s answers today, take notes on the vocabulary and the natural transition features she uses.

Then, practice using these phrases in your own speaking preparation.

What effect has the internet had on the way people generally communicate with each other?

Features you can learn from this answer:

  • How has it NOT affected the way we communicate?
  • revolutionized everything
  • My own work is a great example of this.
  • So, yeah, I would say that the internet has extremely changed, in unimaginable ways, the way that we talk and interact with other people.

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Why do you think the internet is being used more and more for communication?

Features you can learn from this answer:

  • I think this is a rather obvious answer, but I’ll see how well I can do.
  • We can dive more deeply into this.
  • lug a message by stagecoach… telegraph office to send a communique
  • archaic and antique ways
  • via a variety of platforms
  • Nobody thinks twice about whipping our their phone.
  • places that shall not be mentioned here
  • the long and short of it is

How reliable do you think information from the internet is? What about the news on the internet?

Features you can learn from this answer:

  • Well, that’s really a two part question isn’t it. If I go back to the first part…
  • despite the numerable naysayers
  • intelligent about evaluating a source
  • open-source
  • take those facts with a grain of salt
  • As to the second part of the question about news, this is in the headlines today. I can’t tell you how many stories…
  • example I will bring forth
  • cyber espionage
  • proliferated people’s Facebook news feeds
  • verified what people already wanted to believe
  • confirm their own opinions
  • smart consumers of information
  • muddy the waters of my perspective

How can you use today’s phrases?

Share an example sentence with us in the comments section below!

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  • 1) The internet continues to revolutionize every side of our daily life . Take myself for example, I sharpen my English skills by listening to various podcasts, watching YouTube videos, reading Facebook feeds , tweeting messages, sending and receiving emails … etc. So, yeah it is the hero the world needs . It talks ! It’s a real blast . And still going very strong !

    2) Let’s dive more deeply into this . A man’s work is never done without the internet. It can do a lot in archaic and antique ways via a variety of platforms. Besides, the extras are where it actually shines. The long and short of it is that it has extremely changed , unimaginably, the way we communicate with each other .

    3) Despite the numerable negativities , we need to be intelligent about evaluating an open-source and take those facts with a grain of salt . Fake news is a great example I will bring forth. Cyber espionnage posts threats and risks online . Be smart consumers of information by verifying and confirming . I don’t muddy the waters of my own perspective and make myself its slave.