IELTS Energy 363: 3 Actions to Make IELTS Fear Disappear

Today we address a student’s suffocating IELTS fear, and provide real actions to make that fear disappear.

actions ielts fear disappear

A listener wrote to us about her extreme anxiety and difficulty in her IELTS preparation, and we asked her if she was now in an IELTS course.

Real IELTS Student Fears:

Yes, I’m in a preparation course now, but I feel disoriented at this stage. I find myself overloaded, trying to memorize many things with no effect.

For IELTS, there is so much to learn and practice, that it is extremely stressful, and nearly impossible, to do alone.

So, naturally, this student enrolled in an IELTS class. Most likely, too much material is being thrown at her. It also seems that neither the teacher or the student has an organized plan to follow.

We can help!

3 Actions to Prepare Without Fear


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  • Constantly review in an organized way.
    • For instance, don’t just do a Listening Module, then move on and never practice the listening strategies again. Do a listening practice test at least once a week after you’ve learned the strategies.
    • Review your vocabulary notebook often.
    • Put review time in your IELTS study plan.

How are you taking action in your IELTS preparation?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  • Scott Hur

    Thank you for great episode. 🙂 How lovely your voices are! I like it.

  • 1) kind of = sort of
    A: Is he your boy friend ? B: Kind of / Sort of .
    2) pretty much
    A: So your wedding is coming soon ? B: Yeah pretty much .
    3) kinda / sorta
    A: She is kinda / sorta cute . B: Yeah I agree .
    4) pretty
    A: How heavy is this table ? B: Pretty / very heavy .

  • Eka Taufanty

    Hey Lindsay and Michelle! Nice episode! I’m pretty happy to listen to this episode because I was kinda confused how to use those expressions. I used to ask my British friend about them especially the expression “Pretty much”, but I got nothing. He just couldn’t explain it to me. I was sorta hopeless, and I was like okay I would ask Lindsay and Michelle about that. But oh gosh, today I got it! I found this episode! Thank God!

    Anyways, I join in a WhatsApp Group called ‘Live inclusive’, and the members are the disabled people from overseas, so we have to speak English to communicate to each other. And then there is one of member from Canada and she uses the expression ‘Pretty much” every ones in a while. It sounds super cool, but I don’t really get how to use it in conversation. But yeaaaa you made this episode, girls! Cool…

    However, I’m sort of confused with the expression ‘Pretty much’ used by my Canadian friend. One day, she told about the internet connection at her house, and then after she finished talking about that, she said “Pretty much it”.

    Well, could you please Lindsay and Michelle tell me why she put the object ‘it’ after ‘pretty much’? what is the function of ‘it’?

    Please tell me about that 🙂

    Alright thanks Lindsay and Michelle…You guys are so amazing! Nice to hear your voice 🙂

  • Moisés Rocha

    Thanks for another awesome episode! You’re amazing!

  • Hold fast to 3 KEYS for it’s worth a shot . Watch your own progress as you explore IELTS . SUCCESS is not an illusion. Never chicken out ! Just grab it by the horns !