IELTS Energy 344: 7 Holiday Phrases to Score on 8 on IELTS Speaking

No matter what holidays you celebrate in your culture, you can use these phrases to score an 8 on the IELTS Speaking Exam!

holiday phrases score 8 ielts speaking

The topic of holidays comes up often on the IELTS Speaking Exam, in Parts 1 and 2.

Take note though! In British English, holiday means vacation.

So, pay attention to the context of the question, to know if it is asking you about vacations or actual holiday celebrations and traditions.

Today, you’ll get phrases that other students will not use on the exam, and, therefore, you will stand out in front of the examiner as deserving a 7, or even an 8, for vocabulary.

First of all, what details can you share when speaking about holidays?

Practice talking about the history of the holiday, food, clothes, events/activities, behavior of people, and the meaning of the holiday.

8+ Vocabulary to practice using:

Each phrase is noted as being for the Speaking and/or Writing Exam.


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‘Tis the season– describes typical behavior that you only do during the holiday. (speaking)

Shop ’til you drop– shop until you are exhausted (speaking)

Stuff yourself silly– eating as much as you can; feasting (speaking)

Commemorate– in honor of; to remember (speaking and writing)

Get decked out in– get dressed up in a special way (speaking)

Get a bit tipsy– feeling after drinking some alcohol, but not drunk (speaking)

Have no filter– talk without thinking (speaking and writing)

How would you use these festive phrases?

Write your suggestions in the comments box below!


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  • 1) Drinking Chinese beer is ’tis the season .
    2) Do you shop ’til you drop for Chritsmas and New Year ?
    3) During the holiday season , do you stuff yourself silly ?
    4) November 11 is a day to commemorate all who served the nation with their courage .
    5) On Chinese Lunar New Year / Spring Festival , we all get decked out in .
    6) Do you get a bit tipsy after New Year’s Eve party ?
    7) Do you have no filter after some drinks ?