IELTS Energy 305: Elevate Your Speaking Part 1 with this Vocabulary

On IELTS Speaking Part 1, there are often questions related to seasons, weather and free-time activities.

ielts speaking part 1 season vocabulary

On Part 2 as well, you could be asked to describe your favorite seasons.

On IELTS Part 3, there are also sometimes questions about global warming and climate change.

On today’s episode, Lindsay and Jessica will give you native, natural vocabulary to use for these common IELTS topics.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 question:

“What is your favorite season?”

In answering this question, Lindsay used these interesting lexical phrases:

  • palpable– tangible; so strong you can almost physically feel it
  • brilliant hues– bright, vivid colors

Plus, the way she organized her answer was fantastic. She used these transition phrases:

  • without a doubt
  • The reason i love it so much is…
  • That is by far my favorite season.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 question:

“How do your leisure activities change seasonally?”

Interesting lexical phrases:

  • stark contrast– huge, marked difference
  • torrent– very heavy rain

Also, note how Jessica gives very specific examples and details about her activities.

You can also learn more natural rhythm and intonation in our answers (of course, it’s our first language!). Try to copy our answers and practice using our natural pronunciation.

Now it’s your turn!

Practice answering the questions from the episode as well as the following:

What season is the most beautiful in your season or country?

What traditional festivals happen in the fall or winter in your culture?

Answer using complete sentences, and aim for 3-5 sentences for each answer.

*correction: In this episode we say it is #304, but, as you can see, it is #305!

What did you think of today’s sample answers and advice?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!


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  • Jessica Phalange

    Hey Lindsay, hey Michelle! =D Congratulations for the 600 episodes!
    Could you explain the difference between “for me” vs “to me”? Greetings from Brazil!

  • Dat Tien Duong

    Hey girls. I love learning slangs and idioms, and often get them from the internet. But I don’t know if they’re overused or old-fashioned. Can you guys give me 5 (the more the merrier) )slangs or idioms that are no longer in use anymore, or more popular than the others. Thank you so much

  • Without a doubt , spring is the most beautiful season . The reason I love it so much is the whole world surrounds me with palpable blossoms and brilliant hues . The nature has stark contrast like a colorful garden . That is by far my most favorite time of the year .

  • Osondu Collins

    You ladies are so much fun to listen to. The excitement pouring out from you guys are palpable and infectious. Its very obvious you really enjoy helping millions of people all over the world with their English. I salute and will definitely keep listening to your incredibly exciting podcasts and videos.