IELTS Energy 303: Failing Reading Strategies Available for Free Courtesy of IDP!

Are you trusting the right strategies? Beware- free materials, systems and strategies are usually NOT the best!failing idp reading strategies

A student in our course asked a great question recently:

“IDP sent me their free online test techniques and practice. There are some slight differences between the 3 Keys and theirs. Do you think I’ll be distracted if I go for the two pieces of training?”

Immediate answer:


What are the differences?

  • IDP recommends writing notes next to each paragraph while skimming/scanning.
  • The also say you should skim for 3-4 minutes.


  • Do not write notes while reading.
    • This is a big time waster. The reading strategies are all about saving time on the test and finding all 40 answers within the 60 minutes.
    • If you are writing notes, you are eating up precious time. Plus, this is not helping you find any answers.
  • The skimming for 3-4 minutes is also inefficient and unnecessary.


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The only thing we can think of is that the person writing and emailing this advice for IDP is an administration person that does not actually teach IELTS, or know any real time-saving strategies.

It’s hard to believe, as these strategies are coming from IDP. However, these strategies are not based on a system. They are not from a course.

So, should you take any notes?


How long should you skim for?

1 minute! This is enough to read the beginning of every paragraph and get the gist, or the main idea, before you look at the questions.

How do I know the our strategies work?

Because our students in 3 Keys IELTS, who trust the system and practice a lot, are getting 9’s in reading.

What do you think of today’s information?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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  • Moisés Rocha

    Wow 600 episodes! It’s so huge. Your podcast rocks me.
    Thanks a million.

  • Valdir Rodrigues

    Hello you guys! Congratulations for this so important episode. This is my first message here and I´m very glad for finally have found this amazing website. Thanks a lot for all your struggles!

  • AlUribe2020

    Congratulations girls!
    Michelle, you have an excellent teaching gift. Keep explaining English as good as you have always done.
    Lindsay: What can I say? AEE is almost a blessing for all of us. But this is just the beginning. Let us be surprised with new steps for AEE´s followers.
    And get up to 10,000 episode!!

  • Chiho

    Congratulations happy 600 episodes!!
    I wanna listen pretty voice if you two forever!

  • What is robbing IELTS time compared with losing your money ? It’s a great undertaking , but you only need to skim for just 1 minute . The gist / main idea is more important than the whole passage . The time you take/ write notes while reading , is completely wasted .
    Don’t take yourself out of the IELTS game ! 3 KEYS is batting for you !

  • Bob Lejkowski

    Like you I recommend my students read only the title and the first sentence of each paragraph quickly to get a feel for the text. Taking notes is a waste of valuable time!