IELTS Energy 292: Real Resources for a Really High IELTS Score

In today’s episode we provide you with the best NPR resources to improve your IELTS Listening.resources high listening scores

Not only do these resources raise your Listening score, but they also develop your culture of thinking!

In our IELTS preparation, we do not just need testing skills. We also need to improve our overall English, and prepare for our future life in an English environment!

On our YouTube channel, there are two videos that practice IELTS Listening questions:

Short Answer/Sentence Completion Questions

Spelling Names

There are also two videos sharing the best American/British resources for improving Listening comprehension:

Best NPR Shows Video Lesson

Best British English Resources Video Lesson

Fresh Air is a top pick. Terry Gross is the host, and is one of the most famous interviewers on the radio today. PLUS, this show comes with transcripts!

Terry Gross interviews authors, writers, actors, and a wide variety of people important to English pop culture. In your future, in order to participate in conversations with native speakers, referencing pop culture, and understanding other people’s references, are vital skills.

This show is great to practice for IELTS Listening Sections 3 and 4, as these are native speakers talking about specialized topics at a native-speaker speed.


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You can use these resources to practice for IELTS if you are in our 3 Keys IELTS course.

I’m currently adding extra practice activities to the course in response to students’ requests. So, I’m using culturally relevant, native-speaker resources, that practice the Listening and Reading strategies we teach in our course.

A recent one I’ve added is based on a Fresh Air episode about a Netflix sitcom called the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- a hilarious, modern, fresh sitcom.

Another Listening test practice exercise I’ve added is based on a podcast called Invisibilia. This episode is called Flip the Script, questioning the idea of if humans are capable of change. They also discuss mental illness and how cultures deal with it. It analyzes the way we deal with this issue and try to “solve” it.

What do you think of our ideas?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!



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  • 1) Sorry , would you mind slowing down / can you slow down a bit ?
    2) A little bit slower / A bit more slowly , please ?
    3) Say that again / one more time but slower ?
    4) I don’t follow you / I’m not following you . Could you slow down ?

  • sang

    where can I get the transcripts, please ?

    • You can go to

  • 1) NPR ( AE ) : Fresh Air – interviews , Invisibilia – podcast , Planet Money , Pop Culture Happy Hour , Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me ( news quiz ) , This American Life – real stories , Radiolab – science & research , Stuff You Should Know , The Podcast History of Our World , Philosophize This , Choose Your Niche

    2) BBC ( BE ) : I’ve Never Seen Star Wars , The Archers , The Documentary ( radio )

    Downtown Abbey , Dr. Who , Calling the Midwife , Sherlock Holms , QI – quiz show ( TV )
    No Such Thing as a Fish – podcast

    3) Australia & New Zealand / Aussie Accent

    Real life Radio , Almighty Johnsons , Flight of the Concorde ( TV )