IELTS Energy 279: Writing Task 2: All You Need Is a Skeleton

IELTS Writing Task 2 skeleton structure

Today you’ll meet Gopal who is a student in our 3 Keys IELTS course and you’ll find out exactly how he wrote the best IELTS essay in our entire course.

Gopal was the winner of our Writing Wizard Essay Contest which is free for our students to compete in every month.

The winner gets a free 15-minute strategy session with Jessica and gets invited to come on the IELTS Energy Podcast!

Gopal is from Beijing and is a software engineer.

He is taking IELTS because he is planning to migrate to Canada and he needs a high score on the IELTS Exam.

He has already taken the test once in January but his score wasn’t high enough.


Why did Gopal write a winning essay?

He used the right structure. Before he had the ideas but he didn’t know how to structure them.

He also started using the right IELTS linking words.

He followed our strategy to do the brainstorming and planning at the beginning.

Before he took our course he had tons of ideas but he didn’t know where to put them.

Before taking the course he would put opposing ideas together in the same part of the essay.

This did not get him a high-scoring essay.


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Gopal is an example of a student who entered our course, learned our strategies, and used them to increase his IELTS Writing score.

We are confident that the next time he takes the test he will do well!

Let us know if you have any questions about today’s interview.

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  • Here we go ! / Let’s move / do this / get this party started / get the ball rolling / get over with it / dive in !

  • Tanaka

    I like the the image today by Sean saying “too lazy to design today…” So i guess it might have been something Sean dread of that day!?
    That made me laugh, very cute humore.
    I always have some questions but one comes across to my mind suddenly and slips away somewhere all the time.. I can’t remember those questions now but today i want to share some interesting thing that I found lately and ask a question. Languages always shape around cultures and I think i see words like “Ball” “Potato” “Egg” in English idioms a lot. Such as “have a ball”, “balls to the wall”,”drop the wall”,”counch potatoes”,”leave egg on face”. And when i bump into those phrases, I feel like i am touching on American culture and I like these phrases. Of course some other idioms are more sound like UK, but this time could you cover some food idiomes, specifically you guys feel those sound American?

  • Tanaka

    Sorry mistyped no “drop the wall” but “drop the ball”.

  • Gopal , you really hit the IELTS right on the spot ! Everything starts with a good SKELETON . The only and the best way to build up your body is while you’re structuring an outline . All paragraphs have a right to clear organization . Dress them like a super model . Your essay is your stage . Give it your all !

  • Dienver Landig

    Is Gopal is actually from beijing? I listened to podcasts recently and apparently Gopal’s accent is like a native indian, well he said he want to migrate to Canada, but i think his from India, just only working in Beijing China and then his planning moving to Canada,