IELTS Energy 218: Why IELTS Writing Task 2 Is Easier Than You Think

IELTS Writing Task 2Today find out why IELTS Writing Task 2 is easier than you think.

Get tips on how to answer two common Writing Task 2 questions that don’t fall into the problem/solution category or the opinion category.

These days in our private Facebook group students are asking questions about essay topics and questions that they find when the question doesn’t fall into any specific category.

Here is the first essay question that our students asked us about:

“People use the Internet for medical advice and to do medical check ups rather than directly meeting with doctors in an office.

Why are they using the Internet for this?

Discuss your viewpoints on this.”


Our students wanted to know if this is an opinion question or another kind of question.

This is more of a problem/solution essay.

You need to focus on directly answering the questions in each paragraph.

Paragraph 1: Causes of this phenomenon. It’s important to add specific examples.

Paragraph 2: Your opinion on this issue. Be specific and direct. Use examples to support your point of view.


*Any time there are two questions such as “what are the causes and what are the solutions?” you can always answer question 1 in paragraph 2 and question 2 in paragraph 3.

These mixed question types are not as hard as you think!

You have to make things clear and simple.

That’s what gets you a higher grade.

In our course we give you a specific system to answer these questions.


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Make sure you don’t overthink things on the IELTS especially when it comes to Writing.

This often happens to students that are highly intelligent and have a high level of English.


What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • 1) People use the Internet for many reasons , for instance , for medical advice and medical check ups . This cause of phenomenon becomes a huge problem . The doctor can’t diagnose the symptoms according to patient’s physical pain . ….. ( problem/solution)
    2) In my opinion , getting medication advice or prescription without meeting with doctors in an office can be dangerous . A fantastic example of this is , one day I took the wrong drug for my stomach ulcer and I had vomitting and diarrhea due to doctor’s misunderstanding . …. ( opinion)

    A mixed question such as this should be answered clearly and directly .