IELTS Energy 212: 4 Crackin Collocations for IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking

IELTS writing IELTS speaking collocationsToday you’ll four high-scoring collocations that you can use to instantly increase your score on IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking. This will also help you on the Listening test because you’ll be able to catch a term even if you didn’t hear it clearly.

What is a collocation?

When we put two words together and we can’t explain why other words can’t be substituted it’s a collocation.

This increases your score because it shows that you understand natural English.

You need to memorize a short list like this one.

Test day is not the time to take risks so get to know these collocations well and use them on exam day.


Collocations for IELTS:

  • To safely assume: synonyms for “safely” do not work here. This means that we are sure about something.
    • “Because the cost of living is high in Boston we can safely assume that we’ll spend more than $1,000 per month on rent.”


  • To achieve an objective: To reach a goal.
    • “There are several ways to achieve these objectives.”


  • To become widespread: When something starts to become more common and we see it more and more
    • “Biking to work is becoming more widespread.”
    • “Food trucks have become widespread in Portland.”


  • In-depth analysis: To look at something on a deep level or to do detailed research

You need to learn these as chunks.

Use them in your journal when you are practicing your general writing fluency.

Use one of these collocations per day for a few weeks then start on a new list.

Let us know your questions in the comments below.

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  • Antonio Lopes dos Santos Jr

    Hey there! This is the first episode I listened to and I just love it… I’m definetly passing on these collocations to my students. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Sao Paulo.

  • 1) I can safely assume that doing the best I can with what I have can teach me everything I need to know .
    2) In 2016 I can achieve my IELTS objective because I make English a part of my daily life and use English in my awesome online AEE community .
    3) Learning English on the Internet becomes widespread around the world .
    4) 3 KEYS gives you an in-depth analysis by breaking test strategies down into easy 3 steps .

  • Masako

    Thank you. I’d like to use these expresions in my conversations.