IELTS Energy 204: The Highest Scoring Vocabulary to Move You to an 8

IELTS 8 vocabulary walking and cyclingToday get the vocabulary you need to get an 8 on IELTS Speaking and Writing questions when it comes to movement and transportation including walking and cycling or health and fitness.

Walking Questions on IELTS?

  • Do you enjoy walking around your city?
  • Do you think your city is good for walking?
  • Where should tourists walk to in your city?
  • How could your city be better for walking?


Walking vocabulary for IELTS:

  • Swagger: A walk that shows a lot of confidence. You can see their confident personality in the way they walk. “They have swagger” or “They swagger.”
  • To Meander: To take an indirect route and to walk slowly with no specific goal in mind and no specific time you have to be somewhere. “On the weekends I love to meander down to my favorite restaurant because I like to watch people outside on the weekend and take my time.”
  • To Wander: To go somewhere without a specific destination. You look at everything you can and get lost. “I wandered around Europe for a few years in my twenties.”
  • To book it: To go somewhere quickly.  This is a very native, casual, and natural expression. Use this on the exam anytime you are talking about hurrying to get somewhere.


Cycling Questions for IELTS:

  • Do people commute by bike in your city?
  • Should people listen to stuff on their headphones when they’re cycling?


Cycling Vocabulary for IELTS:

  • To break (broke) a spoke: A spoke is the metal tube that is on the bicycle wheel. Sometimes they bend or pop out.
  • To get a flat tire: To have your tire get a hole in it and lose air
  • To have a crutch: To have something you depend on that you don’t need anymore.
  • To have training wheels: (Same meaning as “to have a crutch” above)


Remember, if you impress the examiner on one aspect of the exam like your vocabulary it will raise your score across the board.

In our course we give you the right vocabulary words to use in one of the bonuses so you don’t have to worry about choosing your own.

Practice using these vocabulary words in the comments section below.

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  • 1) I swagger / have swagger whenever I feel confident .
    2) I enjoy meandering down to the nearby park every early morning .
    3) I like to wander around downtown on the weekends .
    4) I amble more than I drive every Sunday .
    5) I always book it to my home right after my work .

    1) I broke a spoke when I rode my bike in the park last night .
    2) I had / got a flat tire while cycling to school yesterday .
    3) I used to have a crutch when I was cycling .
    4) I had training wheels when I used my bike at early age .