IELTS Energy 202: How Distrust Decreases Your Reading Score

IELTS READING matching headings to paragraphsToday find out what happens when you don’t trust a solid strategy on the IELTS Reading test and learn how it sabotages your score.

The biggest mistake that students make is that they don’t trust a reading strategy like the one that we offer in our course.

If you do trust a solid strategy then the matching headings to paragraph questions should be quick and easy but a lot of students don’t want to trust strategies 100%.

Here is the key:

On the Matching Headings to Paragraphs section of the Reading test you have to trust that at least 75-80% of the answers are going to be in the beginning and the end of the paragraph.

Some students get into trouble by reading the whole paragraph just to make sure.

They end up changing their answer and get it wrong.

It’s not enough to know this strategy.

We have to use it through practice so that by the time we go into the test we already trust it.

You need to prove to yourself that it works so that you can feel confident on test day.

In our course we have an entire section dedicated to this part of the test.


What questions do you have about the Reading test?

Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Dhaval Raval

    Hey Hi Jessica and Lindsay, need your help in ” Which Paragraph Contains the following information” type of Question (Reading Section) General Training Module)….please reply because its really hard to crack for me….?