IELTS Energy 197: The Wrong and Lazy Questions to Ask About IELTS

IELTS questionsAre you asking bad and lazy questions about IELTS?

Find out what a high quality question would look like and find out how to start asking better questions.

The quality of your question says a lot about the quality of your preparation.

We often get bad IELTS questions such as “How can I get a better Writing score?” or “How can I improve my Speaking for IELTS?”

These questions are bad because they are way too general.

They are general because they come from someone who hasn’t done any work in preparing for the test.

You need to put in the work on your own first then you will be able to start to ask better questions.

We understand that people want shortcuts but the only shortcuts that will actually work are test strategies that we have developed such as the ones in 3 Keys IELTS.

No one can tell you one simple trick or piece of advice that will make you pass the test.


Bad question: “Kindly tell me how to improve my writing and speaking skills”

This is not even a question.

Our writing module in our course is huge.

It takes a long time to build writing skills for IELTS.

This student simply needs to get to work in a good IELTS course.


Great question: “Next week I am starting the speaking section of our course and I am wondering if someone has created templates for the speaking test.”

This question is three levels deeper than the question above.

This student that asked the question is in our course.

He is asking for templates because he knows that structures, templates, and strategies are important.


Remember, it’s ok to not know what questions to ask but you must take the right steps to get into a good course with a good plan and good strategies.

The wrong action to take is to remain with superficial questions and try to take the test that way.


What kinds of questions are you asking?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • PC Diniz

    Hi Lindsay ! About the text above “It’s are a great way to meet people.” Is it correct? The correct phrase won’t be “It’s a great way to meet people” ? Could you check?

    • Thanks! It was a typo and it’s fixed