IELTS Energy 134: Four Contrasting Phrases the Examiner Wants to Hear

IELTS Speaking contrast and IELTS Writing contrastOn the IELTS Speaking test  and the IELTS Writing test the examiner wants to hear you make contrasts!

It is a high-level language skill that will immediately impress the examiner so that you can get the score you need.

You need to be able to give a balanced opinion.

You need to recognize that the other side has some points. This shows that you really know how to communicate in English.

You can use these phrases that we’ll give you today in Speaking Part 3 and Writing Task 2.

If you use these phrases you’ll get a 7 or higher for fluency on the Speaking test and a 7 or higher for cohesion and coherence on the Writing test.

This makes your answer more organized and organization is super important.

So make these phrases a part of your repertoire!

We have chosen these phrases because they are more interesting than your typical “6” phrases and will get you a better score.

You need to go beyond the typical phrases to get a 7 or higher.


Phrases to show contrast:

1) “Having said this…”

  • Q: How healthy is your country’s food?
  • A: Well, I suppose you could argue that my country’s food isn’t healthy. Having said this, there is a new trend now toward vegan or vegetarian food and there is a new restaurant in my neighborhood. I feel great when I eat there!


2) “At the same time…”

  • Q: What changes will happen in the education space in the future?
  • A: Well I think we’re moving towards technology for every kid in the classroom. At the same time I know there are a lot of school districts who can’t afford that kind of technology.


3) “On the other hand…”

  • Q: Why do people like watching television
  • A: Clearly television is addictive and people like it because they like to see beautiful people and escape their lives. I can understand that. On the other hand, I think it would be better if people would read a bit more.


4) “Nevertheless…”


  • Q: How do most people travel long distances in your country?
  • A: Well I’m from the US where long distances are long. In my country people generally fly nevertheless there is a romantic notion of the road trip. Americans love road trips. Both ways are still used today.


Have you used these phrases on your Speaking or Writing tests?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • 1) Having said that / this , learning English gives me a great sense of momentum and re-centers my mind .
    2) At the same time , luck is preparation meeting opportunity .
    3) On the other hand , there is a lot of pleasure to enjoy in the nature where nobody intrudes .
    4) Neverless , I love Nature more than man .

  • Molly Yang

    1)China grows rapidly in its economy, nevertheless, its environment is severely deteriorating.
    2)English is a beautiful language to learn. Having said that/this, learning English well is not that easy.
    3)Australia’s weather is good in general, at the same time, it can be crappy sometimes.
    4)I like eating junk food, on the other hand, I suppose eating more veggies and white meats keeps us healthy.

  • Maureen Onwuka

    1) Most famous people in my country are musicians, because in my country Chile people are sociable and very emotional with music. Having said that politicians are famous too.
    2) Mobile phones have transformed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet in last few years. At the same time not everyone can afford mobile phones in some developing countries.
    3) Home cooked meals are considered to be healthier. On the other hand i preferred fast food if i will get dinner after work.
    4) I love living and working in abroad. Nevertheless home is the best.

    • Muhammad Imtiaz

      Is any body availabe for speaking practice?
      I’m gonna take my ielts speaking test on 3rd September..
      If any body interested drop your message on skype: imtiazali30
      Thnks 🙂 n best of luck