IELTS Energy 104: Six English Phrasal Verbs with Keep for IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking phrasal verbs keepYou already know that using phrasal verbs on your IELTS Speaking test will push your score higher. Today we’ll show you 6 English phrasal verbs using “keep” that you can throw into your response on the Speaking test.

These phrasal verbs will set you apart in the examiner’s mind as a student who goes beyond the textbook.

We have done episodes showing you English phrasal verbs using get and idioms about sports, work, and others.

Here are the phrasal verbs with “keep” for today:

  • Keep going- to continue moving
  • Keep (it) up- to continue moving or to maintain appearances
  • Keep at (something) – continue to do something
  • Keep out – do not enter
  • Keep off- do not get on
  • Keep away- do not get close


Go to Google Images and get examples of signs so that you can remember what these phrasal verbs mean.

Listen to this episode again.

Pay attention to the questions that we ask each other.

Answer these questions yourself using these phrasal verbs with keep.


What questions do you have from today?

Let us know in the comments below.