IELTS 8+ Idioms to Describe Personality

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8 idioms describe personalityToday you’ll learn very native, fun, 8+ idioms to describe personality, impress the examiner, and raise your vocabulary score!

Follow the steps below to learn and use high-scoring native phrases on your next exam!

Step #1: Choose 3 of these idioms that you think are interesting.

Hard nut to crack- a person who is difficult to know well.

Jan is a hard nut to crack. I can’t figure her out.

One tough cookie- tough, strong (in life and/or physical strength)

My mom is one tough cookie. She raised my brothers and I all by herself, and still managed to get her college degree.

All things to all people- be everyone’s friend, do everything for others

I must stop trying to be all things to all people. It’s exhausting, and I have nothing left for myself.

Backseat driver- person who tells someone how to do something, when he/she is not in control and shouldn’t talk

I hate it when Mike acts like a backseat driver. He’s always telling me how to do my work, and he has no idea what I’m trying to do.

Tough as nails- super strong and tough

Victor is tough as nails, man. His could lift a car, I swear. I wouldn’t mess with him.

Jack of all trades, master of none- kind of good at many things, not really good at anything specific

Story of my life- jack of all trades, master of none. I can sort of draw, kind of sing, kind of play the guitar, but I’m not really good at any of these things.

Idioms to NOT use:

These phrases are used often by students, but native speakers don’t really use them anymore. They are boring!

couch potato and apple of my eye


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Step #2: Add the phrases you chose to your vocabulary notebook. Write your own example sentences using them.

These would be good for your vocabulary cheat sheet.

Step #3: Practice including them in your IELTS Speaking Exam answers. Answer the questions below.

How would you describe yourself?

Tell me about your best friend.

Describe a member of your family.

Tell me about a famous person you would like to meet.

How would you use today’s idioms?

Share your examples in the comments section below!

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  • Eka Taufanty

    Hey girls! Thanks for answering my question! I got it I got it I got it! I’m so happy to get this episode. Wel, here my example:
    “my bf and I spent the time together and we listened to the songs, watched movies, caught up with some old friends, and stuff”
    But, I used to talk to a native speaker, and she used “All that” in her sentence and it’s like “All that” can substitute the use of “Stuff”, “Stuff like that”, and things like that.
    And she said like this:
    “I don’t check in the group today because I’m sick of some people. I don’t like their topic like sex, cheating, party and all that”

    So, girls, what do you think about the phrase “All that”? Do you think it is similar with “and stuff”, “Stuff like that” and things like that?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Eka yes that phrase will work in a similar way. Thanks for listening!

  • 1) Jeff is a hard nut to crack. It’s difficult to understand him.
    2) Mary is one tough cookie. The dignity of her life resides in her ability for struggles.
    3) It’s tough to be all things to all people. I’m too old to please everyone.
    4) Don’t be a backseat driver. It doesn’t make you a good teacher.
    5) Be tough as nails. A touching soul shows strong will in times of hardship.
    6) Don’t be Jack of all trades, master of none. Just specialize in one field and be good at it.

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