IELTS Video Lesson: 7+ IELTS Part 3 Advertising Vocabulary

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In this lesson, you learn words and phrases connected to the IELTS topic of advertising.7-ielts-part-3-vocabulary-advertising

Using this vocabulary on test day will definitely impress the examiner in Speaking Part 3!

On our YouTube channel, I’ve provided a lot of lessons geared toward informal vocabulary. For many students, informal slang and idioms are harder to learn than academic, formal vocabulary.

This is due to the fact that so-called high-level vocabulary can be found in textbooks, and there are countless lists and resources to help you learn these words.

However, the ‘academic vocabulary’ is not always what native speakers would use, so you would still not sound natural, and the words used may be inappropriate, lowering your score.

Therefore, today, I want to give you a list of high-level words and phrases that I would actually use for the common IELTS topic of advertising.

I’ve seen many students struggling to discuss this topic for some reason. Remember, in your own country/culture, you are still likely surrounded by advertising. Practice talking about it using these phrases:

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  • Catchy jingle– The cute/cool song that is in all the ads for a certain product/brand/service.
  • Slogan– The short phrase or sentence that is in all the ads for a certain product/brand/service.
  • Drowning in ads– As in, “My news feed is drowning in ads lately.” This means there are too many ads.
  • Flooded with spam– As in, “My inbox is flooded with spam.” This means there is too much junk mail in your email.
  • Target market– The people an advert is aimed at
  • Astronomical price– Really expensive

Now it’s your turn!

As I noted earlier, practice using this vocabulary to describe advertising on the street, online and in other media. Try to describe advertising in your own country/city, as well as in the place you are currently living.

What do you think of today’s lesson?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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  • 1) I love AEE’s catchy jingle .
    2) AEE’s slogan ‘Connection not Perfection’ really speaks .
    3) AEE is drowning in ads of italki and 3 Keys .
    4) The Yemen Mall was flooded with crazy Eid shoppers .
    5) English learners and IELTS test takers around the globe is the AEE’s target market .
    6) AEE IELTS’ 3 Keys doesn’t have an astronomical price . In fact , it’s as cheap as chips .

  • Khaled Mostafa

    In the near future, people may be able to travel to Space, but that will be astronomical price. This would be provided by ambitious companies like SpaceX which target market is passionate persons about space. My Gmail inbox is flooded with spam. My Twitter News Feed is drowning in ads. Qatar Airways slogan “Going Places together” is really nice. Mobinil catchy jingle released recently was amazing.