IELTS Energy 347: 3 Verbs for 7+ On IELTS Task 1

Today you will learn the 3 most useful verbs to get high vocabulary scores on IELTS Writing Task 1.

3 verbs 7 ielts writing task 1

It is very easy, and common, for students to just use sentences with the ‘be’ verb in Task 1 essays.

If you repeat sentence structures and verbs, it’s very difficult to get high scores in grammar and vocabulary.

The most common sentence structure students use is: The percentage in Europe was… The amount in North America was…

That’s boring, and low scoring!

This is a prime example of a missed opportunity to raise your vocabulary scores.

3 Verbs to Paraphrase in Every Writing Task 1

Instead of saying, “The percentage in Europe was the most substantial,” you could say:

Europe saw the most substantial number of 100% in 1992.

This flips the subjects around, varying the sentence structure, but also uses the verb ‘see’ instead of ‘be’.


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Europe experienced the greatest increase in 2008, going from 100 to a million.

This uses the interesting verb ‘experience’ instead of ‘be’.

The greatest number belongs to Europe, with 79%.

This is a noticeably high-level construction, using a unique verb.

The only way to receive high scores for vocabulary in Writing Task 1 is by using interesting verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

In our course, we give you all the sentence structures you need for IELTS Writing Task 1, and tell you how to shuffle around the pieces for a wider variety of structures.

Can you write your own example sentence using one of these verbs?

Share it with us in the comments section below!



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  • 1) The 50% of life expectancy in Taiwan was the most declining in 2015 .
    2) Taiwan saw/experienced the most declining number of 50% of life expectancy in 2015 .
    3) The most declining number of life expectancy belonged to Taiwan, with 50% in 2015 .

  • Issac Law

    1. The greatest increase of temperature was found in 2012, raising from 17c to 20c.
    2. China experienced the greatest GDP growth from 2005-2012, with an average percentage of 5%.
    3. North America saw/experienced a tremendous increase in 2012, going from 10% to 90%. While in Asia, only 10% increase was found in the same year.